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  1. and the next Failor when i die i get also a error https://prnt.sc/mpfdrh
  2. Hello Guys my Game crash when i will traveling with bed or Click on Menu Patch 19.2 https://prnt.sc/mpewm8
  3. Hello, it was nice, when we can get a new Log System in Game for Tribe Admins and Players.. to get more information .. - Ships are sunken and on the log is only destroyed but why? More information why is the Ship sunken https://prnt.sc/miqmov - other details about the Game Peoples Buildings are nice - a sort functionn
  4. Hello Guys, is this Possible to fix the trasnlation Problem with translation in German from öäüß and other umlauts the Problems are in Game on Item Text https://prnt.sc/mhvhuz https://prnt.sc/mhvik1 and when we send Text with Rcon https://prnt.sc/mhvjaj thx for fixing this
  5. Hey Guys, we have some Problems on a unofficial 3x3 Server we have lost a Ship (Hindenburg I) on C1, when we open the MAP with "i" and go to ATLAS i have this Screen https://prnt.sc/mfogff But when i go to a other MAP from this Cluster on C3 or other .. i have this Screen https://prnt.sc/mfogvb We have Lost the Ship.. why will this have a Entry on the Map? can we delete this? will this not delete correct when the Ship is destroyed? Age on the Server is not synched .. iam on C1 73 Years .. on C3 99 Years and something .. what must i do to fix this? We have some Ships they are build on C1 on this Server is all fine but when i go with the Ship on a other Server A1 or A3 or something .. than i can not spawn on this. but this is not for all ships. is this a Problem from the DataBase? Thx for Help and Fixing
  6. Hi Guys, i have a Problem .. a Ship in the Company was sunken .. on the Company Log we can only see this Information we have Spawn a Ship and we get also this Message, but we can not see who destroy the Ship... or is this a Bug? does anyone else have this problem either
  7. Hey, it was very nice, when ShipYards have some Snappoints for Ceilings and Foundations. It is quite exhausting to build a way to the shipyards, and it was nice when the Shiyards have width from 4 or 5 fields and not 4,75
  8. the -culture=de/it..... will not run anymore .. i have no idea
  9. hm @smooreace hm i have a 2x3 Grid on my https://www.netcup.de/bestellen/produkt.php?produkt=2117 VM Server and 2 ARK Server and its OK for me .. but i have not so many Players on the Servers
  10. hm this will not run for me .. i think .. on ARK we have 1 Name .. on Atlas we have First Name and Surname It was nice when admins can change the Name from Players
  11. i show @cpjet64 Stream .. but i can not understand the .bat config .. i have edit the grid with the editor and i think i have do all but i have no idea what i make wrong
  12. oh .. @Stromis this Possible that you can post it here? or send me? when you have delete your details?
  13. @kikrito89 i do this on my dedicated server @Strom thank you .. how big is your file? my File is very big its a example.. but i have no idead if i needet the content at all https://www.playatlas.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1608
  14. Hey Guys, where does the ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json have to be copied?
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