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  1. So you claim an area, you place a mine, so normally no one can place one in a certain range, but when trying to remove it to replace it with a lumberyard, suddently, you cant place a fucking farming building anywhere. How is that even possible. Is there anything that company can do right. I mean, just one ? The only thing they can make right, is pissing off poeple. Do they hire some fucking 12 years old kid living in moms basement. Seriously ? How retarded those stupid developper must be. So claim tower points cost mean nothing because its easier to get around it, same for warehouse, and I guess its the same for range between farming building (since i saw 2-3 lumberyard next to each other ) so whats the points ? Can you remove all those limitations and let us play ?
  2. Krigare_-_


    Man that company cant do nothing right. Its amazing how they manage to only break things instead of fixing anything. So nothing is working, but the timer for the powerstone continued and passed. Good Job !!!
  3. Just to clarify its H11 not K11, and you have to go close to the center of island and find those trees. Just check before because some give ironwood and others give lightwood https://imgur.com/QVW8w1Z
  4. As long as the flag have enough gold to pay the island, you'll be fine. Cant be contested. Only if it run out of gold, then the island become unclaimed and can be claim again.
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