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  1. Do you devs hear yourselves when you speak? You say one thing then in the next statement contradict yourself. You say you appreciate the suggestions and comments from your community but obviously don't pay any attention to it or just don't care. Focusing on PVP is fine and understandable that you want to go that direction but to turn your backs on the PVE players is going to be a huge mistake. It saddens me to walk away from this game but I just can't do it anymore. My animals can wear hats but you won't fix the stuff broken in the game since launch and are now openly admitting that you are releasing broken content to us players.
  2. why do people feel the need to waste forum space to say they are leaving. just go because no one cares.
  3. I did the same before realizing it said "CANNOT BOARD" above it. Is this suppose to happen?
  4. Right now there is no way to travel from one zone to another on NA PVE. Is there any word on this happening to other servers? Is there any word on a fix coming soon?
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