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  1. u can set ship level to whatever u like
  2. true I believe the boys have updated the list more ill get a newer copy for u all
  3. we left out pve islands I believe I think there are a few at the bottom that are not documented they have been finished ill link the complete one soon
  4. we documented the stuff required to make the items with the 6x type of metal ect (P) means its passive metal ones with just a metal are nodes we skimped out a little on the dinos but there mostly there color legend at the bottom
  5. I have them all documented just finished 2 days ago hahaa https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xnHzpB2QgHV6m4LqPjs_OwYXfKMZyafcn_gTMBfJ9HA/edit#gid=0
  6. is there a way to make specific islands pve in a pvp based server say a freeport in a normal pvp cell?
  7. - AUS PVP ATLAS 5X Server - Well constructed map every resource / food in the game so u can make everything - Max level 120 - Max ship level 200 - 5x T/H/B/M - Fresh wiped 1/2 ( 20x weekend ends Monday ) - All boss fights 100% working with Fountain of youth - Active admin team - We are currently sitting between 60-80 pop which is consistent even until late night / early morning - This is a fun enjoyable server with many admin hosted events - Keep in mind there are a fair few aggressive tribes on this server so its not for flower pickers - Map is a 9 cell at the moment it will be upgraded as needed we have the ability to run up to 120 cells at any time but at the moment it is not needed - Here are the rules make sure there something u wish to follow before joining if u do not understand a rule admin are always available to clarify any rules u do not understand - https://discord.gg/j5Hzcw5 - steam://connect/ - steam://connect/ AUS PVP ATLAS RULES ==========================================================(edited) 1. NO GRIEFING Examples Below • “Noob Bashing” Continually attacking new players when they are first learning the game, this includes attacking a new-players just setting up on a new island. • “Prohibiting” No player is to prohibit another’s ability to progress within the game there by taking away their ability to farm, sail out of their base etc. • “Entrapment” for a timeframe longer than 30 min within a 2hr period (include knocking out etc, trapping people in their base) • “In siding” joining a company / Alliance with the Express intention to betray them once in. • “Kiting” Intentionally kiting wilds or leaving tames near peoples bases for ext. period. (30 Mins) • “RE Raiding” You are not to re raid someone or have your allies do so within a 48 Hr period. If raided tribe joins in a fight with their allies and retaliates in anyway during this time this will void the 48Hr protection window.(edited) ==================================================== 2. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Below list’s ship types and who they can engage in open world PVP. GALLEON – Galleon, Brigantine, Schooner. BRIGANTINE – Galleon, Brigantine, Schooner. SCHOONER – Galleon, Brigantine, Schooner, Sloop. SLOOP – All ship types. Inc. Rafts and Dingy {A} The ship to ship engagement rule is null and void if a smaller ship acts in an aggressive manor towards a larger ship Ex. (firing upon a ship in anyway, Sailing directly towards a larger ship at full mast) {B} No player/s are at anytime allowed to lay in waiting for a period longer than 30 mins just outside someone’s base on ships poised to attack prohibiting a player’s ability to get their ships out and farm etc. {C} An example of open world Piracy… The above means if you are treasure hunting / farming on an island in a sloop and a schooner or another sloop sees your ship there they can engage at anytime they choose as you are in open world pvp zone.(edited) ==================================================== 3. HOME DOCKING PROTECTION / SHIP PVP {A} You can not sink a home anchored ship with its gun ports closed (I) If a ship gets to its home port and drops its anchor and closes its gunports it is considered safe provided it is not currently being attacked by a pursuing ship. (II) If a ship that is currently safe/inactive fires on another ship with canons of any kind or a ballista it will become active and can be sunk in PVP (III) If a safe/inactive ship raises its anchor at anytime it will activate itself for PVP and can be sunk.(edited) (IV) Ships whether open world or safe/inactive can be “raided” at anytime (best way to do this without sinking is to use fire arrows to gain access) (V) If a ship fires at a raiding player with a swivel gun this does not activate that ship to be sunk the attacker must try work their way around the ships defences in order to raid it. (VI) In all cases if you expect to be able to properly support your claims when attacking or defending you must try to provide screen shots or video with time stamping.(edited) ==================================================== 4. BASE RAIDING {A} Bases can be raided at anytime be it online or offline, however as per Griefing rules above you can not raid the same company again if you have raided them within the past 48 Hours unless they themselves retaliate in some way. ==================================================== 5. ABUSIVE CHAT {A} While general banter etc is ok, being intentionally derogatory / Racist or any other “ist” towards other players will not be tolerated. ===================================================== 6. ADMINS DISCRETION • ONLY! admins will be the ones determining the rules not players. What this means is at no time are players to be interpreting the rules for other players. • We understand from time to time you may feel that an admins decision upon you is unjust or unfair if you feel this is the case you can request a decision be reviewed by other admins (in discord only) however whatever the initial decision was will stand until review is completed. • Undermining, Trolling or being abusive towards an admin (crying out“Admin abuse”)can and will result in a 24 Hr ban, continual abuse etc. will result in a permanent ban from all servers. • Admins will engage in PVP on this server as well and will abide by all rules of engagement above. If you do not like admins playing on the server that they help pay for leave. ==================================================== 7. IDEAS FOR SERVER {A} All suggestions you have regarding server including rules are to be put into the Server Ideas for Q and A channel in discord. Any messages of this nature posted anywhere else will be ignored and deleted by Admin team. (i) Admin team will review your suggestions before Q and A session or in due course. 9. RENAMING - Renaming your company for the purpose of hiding your identity is not permitted. ===================================================================(edited) 2
  8. @Starbuck yeh I know how to add them what I was unsure of was https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor/pull/54 @GrapeshotGames - As Promised Here is the PR for the Quest Generator as placed on the MainForm. -Added QuestCalcGlobal Form --AutoGenerates based on selected Discozone for each indexed powerstone -Made Changes CreateProjectForm --Added DefaultValues for a 1x1@14000000 -Made Changes to MainForm. --Added Powerstone Button ----------------------- this is what I meant --Fixed Edgecase for crash due to options avaiable before project load. --Cleaned up MessageBox and added some missing commands --added close menu item to the file toolstrip -Added Vertical Scrollbars to EditServerForm/EditServerTemplate Forms -Changed backgroundImgPath from null to the default WaterTile in Project.cs
  9. the devs said they added a powerstone button any idea what or where the button is ?
  10. ty guys ill keep looking into it my end
  11. anyone else having cell transfer issues with the latest patch server rock solid new patch comes in die on transfer in every cell
  12. whats the lowest tick rate u can use I hear 15 is a bit too low?
  13. do any of these work yet StackSizeMultiplier=1.000000StackWeightMultiplier=1.000000 OverallSizeMultiplier=1.000000 OverallWeightMultiplier=1.000000 GlobalSizeMultiplier=1.000000 GlobalWeightMultiplier=1.000000