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  1. Ok, so on the server I admin everyone made a new character and company, invited me to them, and I got all their stuff back with the commands. Easy enough and everything seemed to be good. Today, after a server restart I can not see the majority of our company's beds again. I can't see any on any ships. Fyi @Jatheish Edit: The only bed that was working was one of eco's beds (Her two mods--RP decor and Atlas foliage--and unlockable submarines are the only ones we have on the server.) Picking up her bed, demolishing the simple ones, and replacing with vanilla ones only worked for land based beds. Ship beds still do not show up, although I can fast travel from them. Edit 2: The previous trick of one person leaving the company, making a new one, and the remaining members merging with the new one worked again as per before the attempted fix. Given today's experience though, I don't have confidence it will persist past a restart.
  2. Monkeypuzzle

    Blackwood Bug list

    Beds still not working for us either. Also tried replacing them. Has anyone tried leaving and merging again with the company?
  3. Monkeypuzzle

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    The patch today claims to have fixed the beds, but they are still not working for me: I can't see most of them, fast travel does not work, and trying to spawn to the one I see upon death leaves me floating in the ocean with no hud and I have to exit the game. Is there something I'm supposed to do to get them working again? I've tried demolishing and replacing with no success. Do we have to leave the company and merge with it again or something like that?
  4. Monkeypuzzle

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    @Jatheish If it helps, beds were working fine yesterday evening as we traveled along the southern islands. Today, during our play session, we were able to fast travel initially, but then that stopped working. When we got to the furthest northwest island, all the land based beds no longer showed up on the map. We can only see one bed now on our ship, but we can't spawn or fast travel to it.
  5. Monkeypuzzle

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    I was having this problem. Launching the ship and sailing it out of the shipyard fixed it.