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  1. The Patch seems to be useless? On F9 the Quartz still drops sunstone.
  2. EU PVE E9: - H shows Iron, -> you get Radiolarite - H shows Silver -> you get Tin F9: Quartz and Smaragd drop Gems
  3. about 9 months later: Bug isn't fixed at all like ALL other Bugs who are posted here. If you try to build anything in water, it is just a chance that it can be build. I builded 10 Foundations in a row, number eleven is "too close to an enemy Foundation or Gate", number twelve does work fine again. The Devs really don't care about all the bugs in ATLAS, it's a big shame. ship ladders? - nothing Tames stuck in Floor? - nothing
  4. Same problems as in ARK and same reaction of the devs: NOTHING! Tames and sleeping players fall through the floor. Wild animals clip right in whereever they "want" to - fences, walls, double walls everything is useless. The respawn of stones, trees, bushes directly in foundations makes it a fun to build houses. Combined with the "obstructed"-Option, if even one pixel would be under the ground. Wild animals spawning IN closed houses. But my bear is 20 times relocated, if I try to get through an open gate... And: I DO KNOW, that this is an Beta-prerelease and so on. But WHY don't they fix known evil bugs before implementing new ones? Yes, "the adventure of my lifetime" ...
  5. Hello, There is a very annoying bug in boarding my ship using the rope ladders. Sometimes it seems to be impossible to get on the ship because I cannot use this rope ladder. I press "E" to use it, I hang on the ladder but when I want to move upwards, I just swim against my ship and leave the ladder. Other Times, I can climb up half the way, then the character stops and only thing to do is jump from the ladder try once again. Sometimes I can climb up the complete Ladder but I am stuck at the top and connot enter the ship. It is really annoyoing to try 40 times to get on the ship. If this would happen once, ok. But sometimes it's really every time I want to get back on my ship and it is an easier and faster way to build a ramp then to use the ladders. This cannot be intended? So the hardest thing when gathering the chests in the ocean is to get back on the ship before you will be eaten by anything. PLEASE fix this. Make the ladders work or give us a command like for tames to "teleport" on the ship.
  6. Hi, there is one problem for single players: the Island points. I would really like to have my "own" Island, but it is not possible, since all the cheap Islands are claimed by big Companies. Could it be a solution, that the Island Points are bound to the number of Members of a company? For example an 15 Point Island can only be claimed/owned by a Company, which has less than 10 Members. If the Company grows, they have to find a bigger Island, with more Points and have to claim this one for further growth. So it would be possible for new, small companies to claim the little island. And one Island should be enough for each Company. The big comanies own half the map, while small companies and single players have no chance to claim the few high-pointed-Islands that are left.
  7. Hi, would it be possible, to make the shipyards a place to design ships the way, that parts mounted on the ships are possible to pickup as long as the ships are not released? It is really great, that one can pickup parts for 30 secs. but when building a ship, it sometimes turns out, that, for example, a sail should be one "snappoint" further. The way it is now, one must craft a new sail. So it would be more fun to design a ship without grinding mats for each part that is placed in a "wrong" place.
  8. Hi Devs, could it be a possibility, to prevent the foundation spam, that the duration of the decay is bound to the amount of structures? For example, if there is a single foundation with nothing snapped to it, it will last 1 day. If it's 5 Foundations, it will last 2 days, and so on. So it would be a hard job, to spam half an Island with pillars or foundations and People who are really interested in building a "castle" could be honored the way, that their base will not decay as fast as now. One can cap the decay at about 100 (200,300,400 ... ) structures which will last 10 days. AND: Force foundations for storage boxes, feding troughs etc. as their decay time is even longer then foundations and they can also be set everywhere
  9. Do you plan to make farming more useful with more seeds? the farming ist really a nice thing to get ressources which are not growing on the own Island. I cannot plant even one of the medicine plants because they seem not to have any seeds I cannot plant any of the cooking herbs because they seem not to have any seeds. The soil restrictions on Top are preventing the grow in some Bioms/Regions. Is planned to change the soil restirictions? One could change the crafting, so that for example if you craft an crop plot with a special wood, fiber, stone etc. it fullfills the needs of a specific plant and can be placed in another biome? Is planned to introduce seeds for all plants? Is planned to introduce Glasshouses like in ARK? So we have Submarines, "electric" Lever and so on. The Glasshouse was mentioned about 100 a.d. if would not brake the lore if Atlas would implement them. Mayba combined with a heating/cooling source, like fires or Ice-Boxes? The way it is now, I have the feeling, that I can just plant plants on the Islands, where they already grow. AND, I can just plant plants, which are close to useless. Every plant I need, I have to import from other Islands.
  10. Hi, Atlas PC Version 102.47 (Rev. 112454) I'm used to the ARK keypad, which closes all OPENED doors, when I use the "close" Option. The function of the lever here in ATLAS ist not usable for this. I have about 5 doors which I want to have closed, before I log out. So I placed a lever in my house to close the doors. But there is a thing, which makes it useless. The lever just changes the state of each door instead of closing all doors. So if one doors is open and another one is closed, then, after using "close" on the lever, the one door is closed but the other door is open. how to reproduce: 1. build a house with at least 2 doors and give them the same PIN 2. build al lever and give it the same PIN 3. open one of the doors and keep the other one closed 4. use the lever to "close" the doors. 5. now the first door is closed and the second one is open. It would be really nice, if this could be changed to the behavior of the keypad. yours, Frank
  11. You did learn the corresponding skills after your respec?
  12. I build an house of stone and an elevator. My tames are now on the first floor and anything what spawns on the ground or in the house can't reach them. Since then I've not lost any animals. But stones and anything also spawn on floors etc. I think it should be possible to set the spawn range at least to 1 floor, so that not any stones, trees and so on spawns in the middle of a house.
  13. Deja vue of ARK: The soundeffect of the feeding trough is as loud as the sound of the fridge at ARK. If one adjusts the volume to get "normal" volume of all effects like opening a door etc, you ears will burst, if you access your feeding trough. Would be very nice, if this sound would be the same level as all other soundeffects.
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