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    Why did my character get deleted?

    Sorry about that, yes it was in Discord earlier today.
  2. Nautae

    Why did my character get deleted?

    So Dollie posted earlier on discord when answering someones question about this and said "honestly, I'm not sure we can retrieve the data loss for that unfortunately, if you are referring to being thrown to the character creation screen. We're hoping the fix today at least addressed the issue moving forward" So I just restarted a new character. It is what it is and we all know that this game is going to have bugs. It is the reason for the discount.
  3. Nautae

    Log In Issues? Rejoin Atlas Missing?

    Hopefully tomorrow
  4. Nautae

    Deleted character.

    Same here
  5. Seems to be the same on all maps. Unable to sail out of the current zone. Get unable to transfer error.