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  1. Are you talking about console? Yea those have totaly different rules than pc when involving nudity and content, dunno why? Maybe they think consoles are more for the underaged and pc for adults? But frack that i own consoles and pc, but i have not become enlighted to know they follow different rules for content. Also yea, but tos and coc has SOME not alot of leweigh to it. One of this biggest one is how they handle discrimination and hacking etc etc. But most tos, has an anti discrimination thing. Off our conversation, to the op and anyone who doesnt know, there is a personal build option in companies, that tags what someone puts down with their name, doesnt work alot for megas because when that player is then kicked, it reverts to them out of xompany, so gotta be vareful when building big projects etc et
  2. My location is set to texas usa and i have full nudity on conan, and a few choice adult games i have on steam. I didnt say they could do what ever they want. I said they have the right to set their tos and coc.which means they can ban you or wile your stuff if you violate their rules.
  3. Live in another country to see full nudity? And you say in america. Friend i have news for you. America doesnt have a nudity filter on games, they just have listings. As for racist/ sexual things posted on signs, the degelopers have the right in the tos and coc to say what is and isnt allowed. Swearing, allowed. Comments about ones sex,race,religion, disallowed, other wise known as discrimination.
  4. mizunami


    so its starting to look like they got rid of central tundra?, or am i halucinating, i live in f14 which is supposed to be central tundra but is now ((if i hold H)) western tundra, and f13 which used to be central tundra is now low desert. so im not halucinating right?
  5. mizunami

    Razortooth underpowered?

    thats only if you have two, they cant buff themselves, it is one of the weakest due to the fact solo, it runs out of stamina so quick. while 1 fear roar should drain stamina, that should be by %, but when running you just drain so quickly. their bite does horrible damage, i agree with the OP, wolf damage.
  6. mizunami

    NA PvE End Game Content Group

    I can organize a run as long as someone has the 9 stones, we are slow at getting them. But i know the fight as i ran it ao many times before the wipe. I can organize runs for sunday afterrnoon/evening ill joon the discord when im home. Would really like to make new friends since alot quit or are on eu pve -grumbles at lotus-
  7. mizunami

    pve NA-PVE LF Razortooth stud

    bump, still looking for high level stud. really would love to find some high level male razorteeth
  8. mizunami

    pve NA-PVE LF Razortooth stud

    Looking for high level Male razortooth to mate with my female. Will pay gold, or resources. Looking for a pretame 25-30 with high stam and high hp. please and thank you
  9. mizunami

    NA PvE End Game Content Group

    this is actually a really good idea, having a na-pve discord for this. my company would love to work together with people to beat the dragons for power stones, hydras are to easy, dragons not so much lol. and would love to help organize weekend kraken runs.
  10. bold and underline emphasis is mine. are you nuts?, its is 100% doable for a solo/small company to maintaine a galleon. up until recently, where we gained 3 more members, my 2 man company kept a 2 schooners, 2 brigs, a flag, and a galleon, upkept. how do you do this you ask? run fecking maps. kill whales. easy things to do as a solo company. as for getting run down, if you aren't able to overcome it or, enjoying pvp takes alot and if you dont enjoy it, cant find alliances or anything like that, dont play pvp. they are correct
  11. so, i know lotus is getting a lot of flak, which he shouldn't. Its not that hard for smaller/solo companies to get in a bigger alliance on pve. Hell, Blood Templar, brought one galley to the world first kill with lotus company. Be social and stop bitching. its an MMO. For people who dont know what that means MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER. make friends, be social. Joining alliances are helpful on pve for this exactly reason.
  12. mizunami

    breeding tiger

    it is. please see my attached screen shots, here is 1) Ragnar with 100% Imprint and 30% rider bonus. https://gyazo.com/1d70636e5c7d7cbb31d728075a93f9d8 https://gyazo.com/bbb5978db739dec00fdffe2404453a05 2) Largatha with 80% Imprint and 24% rider bonus https://gyazo.com/ca91bdb422e7086a284f61e40ad4afb2 https://gyazo.com/b0bbee5207b3b37af8edff241012442d so it works exactly like ark
  13. Noi longer looking thank you. Got a mythical Looking to trade for a Legendary Large Shipyard. If you have one please name a price. Thank you
  14. mizunami

    pve NA-PVE LF Legendary Large Shipyard

    wow...translate google is dumb as fuck, i kinda was using it to read yours and i thought mine was just stupid. sorry. um how much gold price would you be willign to take for it?..like 500?..resources? i got bears a plenty. etc etc
  15. mizunami

    pve NA-PVE LF Legendary Large Shipyard

    i dont speak russian. if you would like to make a trade. please translate to english?
  16. mizunami

    pve NA-PVE LF Legendary Large Shipyard

  17. mizunami

    breeding tiger

    to explain this more clearly. an imprint is a bump in stats. this is a generic % for every imprint you do stats go up. This is utilized just like any other tame imprint bonus going from 0-100% confers a bonus to the rider of 0-30% bonus stats and resistance. the rider must be the one who claimed and imprinted. ((only the claimer can increase the imprint every 8 hours)) the higher that 0-100% is the higher that 0-30% bonus is. This is not for everyone, only the claimer.
  18. mizunami

    NA PvE - Endgame Alliance

    i wonder if lotus is still running around on the new NA PVE, getting on their good side is awesome. they are good people to be in an alliance with and they have fun.
  19. mizunami

    Fountain of Youth

    it is in the quests so i assume its still a thing once you hit 90
  20. mizunami

    Elephant taming and giraffe taming bug

    title. please @Jatheish is this ever goign to get aknoledged and not just moved.
  21. mizunami

    Room for Improvement

    2. bearded john the strong is a very nice house guest and would appreciate it if you werent a jerk to him. this game is fun pve, and those of us that dont like doing the pvp thing enjoy pve.
  22. mizunami

    Tenant and taxes

    to buy is the same as upkeep per 12 hours. this is of course extended the more tenants you have IE: our 24 point island was 128 to claim, and is 128 per 12 hours. so 256 a day
  23. Hey guys, I know not a lot of people like the claim system cuz landlords can be jerks. So I'm coming here to offer land, from someone who isn't going to be. Blood Templar is looking for people who like the snow, and want to make a small community with us on an island. We understand the pros to having others live on your land, and keeping upkeep on the settlement can be tiring. We live in F14 on a small island and could use 2ish small communities looking for a place to call home. If interested just hit me up.
  24. mizunami

    From an island owner view

    nothing in teturn?, with a good land lord they make sure valuable resources are protected, which means you get access to them as well, not having to deal with pillar/foundation spam of lawless, the landlords keep the lands clean of such filth. im sick of reading about they need to revert claim systems. no, they do not, and if they did, no they shouldn't limit it that way. Thats not what was envisioned by the developers. Read the description of the game when you look it up on the store. its meant to have a landlord tenant system..
  25. mizunami

    From an island owner view

    would like to point out that taxes no longer matter in pve. you get 100% of what you harvest, the taxes are ADDITIONAL to what you harved, if you harved 10 wood, you get 10 wood the land owner gets 2, if his taxes are set to 20% now one of the biggest reasons other than taxes for letting people build on your island, for ever "settler" group thats on your island, you get +2 hours to your tax time. which is amazing. cuz paying every 12 hours sucks. i dissagree with you. island owners can protect valuable resources, if this wasn't allowed it coudl turn around like ark, where people buidl upon metal, salt, etc etc and the island then loses those resources.