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  1. Since the recent patch - we have found that there are packs of wolves everywhere - most often in groups of 4-5 and normally with an alpha. Please look into this
  2. I am wondering what the optimal conditions for breeding are? I managed to get some eggs - but trying to keep them the right temperature was hard - when it gets too cold and the fire doesnt work -should i simply pick them up? am i better trying to do it on the boat?? Thank you
  3. ok, I have onion seed, I have grown some - but so far I see no recipe that calls for the specifically - are they just a "generic" vegetable?
  4. i have been able to plant wheat by placing the crop plot on a thatch foundation - seems to be ok
  5. I had this with a chicken as well - it simply disappeared and I then got the message it had been killed
  6. Today I logged on to find a level 1 Wolf in the middle of our house, in its time in the house it had killed all the people asleep in beds, a level 50 Tamed wolf set to defend, 3 cows that were on another level (up a ramp) and 4 chickens that were outside on the roof (up another flight of stairs and through a stone locked door) This can not possibly be correct that an AI can do this much damage when all people are offline - how did it even spawn in the house in the first place? RIP Dave - my first tamed wolf... and Milka, Countess and Daisy - the ever loving cows...
  7. Having died in the middle of the ocean to a ship of the damned - we all respawned at the exact same spot - which of course was impossible to get back to land from. I attempted to change home server - this put me in the next system - and on land! (E12) yay! - so i died, changed back to E11 and when i respawned...back at the same place in the sea..happened 6 times in a row. I have logged off as this is not workable Thank you
  8. Hmmm it's not looking good for us EU people...Good luck!
  9. Having tried probably for 2 hours, should have given up a while ago - but feel like I am a trained rat looking for one more hit/try - thinking it will be this time, it will work.. But, alas it is not meant to be...bed for me - try again tomorrow
  10. Been trying for almost 2 hours.....I think its time to give up and try again in the morning...not had a sniff of getting into the EU PVP
  11. Oh it would be so nice if we didnt keep getting the connection timeout and it just held us in a queue...
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