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  1. any news on the PTR? no servers showing atm.
  2. where is the FoY in the O7? which side?
  3. Good idea...i will join, but there are only 2 of us in company, and living lawless!
  4. i have a medium speed sail on a sloop, and it seems quite fast, but have not swapped them out for 2x small sails. On a related matter, can you place 2 medium sails on a sloop if you place them properly?
  5. Hello, I am constantly having to respec due to lost skills. I get it all set, and then log off and on, and Skills are blank, and forced to Respec. Others I am playing with are not experiencing this at all. Anyone else having this issue? I understand that this may be required after some/all updates, but this is happening every time I log off and log back on (mostly). Regards, Mustard
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