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  1. Stop lieing, you came at our Island with 140 people and tried to lock us out of the zone by capping it at 171 people. You then started sending groups of 20-30 at a time to run at us and try to invite us to the company so that we crash and are unable to to log back in and defend. CSTG did this the moment they arrived in I4 and attempted to raid us, Vexus did not use any exploits when he laid barrels under your ships. Barrels are able to be placed in floating water and your galleon went right over them, this is game play as intended, we have no idea why the ship spun afterwords. How does it feel to try and stamp out a small pirate company of maybe 15 people with 140 CSTG only to get repelled twice after 20 hours of trying and failing? Don't be fooled by CSTG guys they are unable to win when their enemy is aware of their exploits, we made sure to kill our own company members if they were company invited and crashed so the Chinese could not imprison them. Pathetic.
  2. Stop lieing, CSTG came to our island with 140 people and tried to raid us and ended up being pushed back by 11 people who know how to counter their exploits. Vexus did not exploit to get in your ship, the game was so laggy that when your ship made contact with him it glitched him inside. This was happening to all of us. For anyone that cares watch the whole vod and you will see in the entire 20 hour defence against the Chinese, no exploits were used. The only people using exploits was CSTG, you came to our zone and capped it out at 171 people, you then tried to use the invite company bug to crash us all out of the game so we could not defend. Unfortunately for you any time one of us crashed we made sure to team teamkill our friendlies so you could not imprison them. It must feel bad to have brought 140 people to an island and been repelled by 11 people, and losing the majority of your raid resources.
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