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    Beds keep vanishing

    I have the same problem on my dedicated server, and my galleon currently shows 3 different clusters of beds, 12 total, while only having 2 visible beds. - They are all placed in the same room in the back, but if you zoom the map close enough, there are three distinct groups aka lists of beds to choose from. I have list of 3, a list of 4 and a list of 5. They are not always visible, sometimes at the respawn screen I only see the current beds. - Choosing the bed to respawn at seems to be a game of chance, where if you choose incorrectly (I'm guessing if you choose a bed that has disappeared), the game sends you back to the home server and you must then spawn at a bed there, at which point you can fast travel back to the ship. I just remembered you can rename beds so I'll try naming the ones still present so I can differentiate and test better. - I've only had 1 bed disappear on land, early on when I first started my server. It reappeared later and I haven't had any issues with land beds since. - I've tried removing the "ghost beds" via cheat destroyall simplebed_c but only the visible beds get destroyed and the ghost beds continue to show up in the respawn lists.
  2. The game freezes or crashes occasionally when pulling out a structure to place. It is very rare so not sure how to reproduce. All I know is that a good portion of the times the game has frozen or crashed on me, it has been immediately after equipping a structure and going into the blue placement mode. It happens when putting it on my hotbar and hitting the hotkey, or by going into my inventory and hitting E while hovering over the structure.
  3. ApeoftheHamburger

    Unable to Zoom in the map editor

    I have the same problem, the workaround is to change the number in the bottom left of the editor, in the box to the left of the "Set Ratio" button. Make the number larger to zoom out, like 5000, or smaller to zoom in close, like the default 100. Then click Set Ratio. Keep in mind there's a visual bug and sometimes when you reopen the editor later, the map might look like it's set to 5000 while actually showing the default 100 in the box. Simply type in the number you currently want and hit Set Ratio to make sure the value in sync with what you're actually seeing.
  4. ApeoftheHamburger

    Your first impressions so far?

    I think you posted in the wrong general discussion my friend. But to answer your question I haven't gotten far. I was on long enough to see the graphics, which are nice of course. I had to spawn in a lawless zone to get in so there wasn't much to do or see other than the beach and other castaways exploring. I spent the time seeing what was similar to Ark and what was different in terms of mechanics. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the dedicated server files so I can get one fired up and get my friends on. Lots of rubberbanding while I was on.