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  1. denully

    severe stutter/lag/rollbacks A5 EU PVP

    same with NA PVE D11 seems to have gotten really bad since V.11
  2. denully

    Wood Ceiling not craftable

    seems to be resolved by dying, spawn at freeport, die again and spawn back home.
  3. denully

    Wood Ceiling not craftable

    oh just got confirmation that others can craft, so seems to only be me. and vitamins levels are fine as well, just to mention that.
  4. denully

    Wood Ceiling not craftable

    Since v.11 i have been unable to craft wood ceilings. I have tried to relog, fix game files and respec. Unfortunately been unable to find anyone willing to test if they had the same issue, so here is a Bug Report instead. The icon is lid up like it can be crafted, even shows i can craft 5 right now, but clicking it does nothing. Walls, pillars and so on works fine, as well as a thatch Ceiling.
  5. denully

    PVP ship sinking is a thing in PVE

    they just need to change it so overburden ships dont take damage, but simply just dont sail. and logged off "non company / ally" will just drop through the ship. we will never find games without these kids to scared to pvp, thinking they are something by using hacks and exploits to achieve something. But like many other issues, the Dev's fail to acknowledge them, comment on them or even mention if they are fixing them or not, so until they someday get around to it. It will just be a Shipless Pirate game.
  6. denully

    exploiting Really??

    not to use the usual "its a EA" but since it is an EA it is a good idea to keep your eyes on known bugs, this annoying bug has been there a while now.
  7. denully

    Exploit/Warning to other groups on PVE

    isn't that just part of the piracy skill tree ?
  8. denully

    Where are the developers on pve? Damn!

    good thing they didnt release it yet then. They did however give you early access to their build. So it will be bugged, it will crash, it will change, hell it may even get shut down and there is nothing you can do about it. You bought access to an early access, so you knew what you were getting. i do agree its unplayable right now with the amount of bugs, so personally im just waiting for next Wipe and ill give it another go.
  9. denully

    pve Looking to buy claim EU PVE

    wouldnt suggest paying for land, since anyone can bug it and claim it from you the second they get the chance or claim over parts of it. Much safer to just stick to a starter zone, farm and craft ships, so once they fix the claims and many spam claimers will lose most of their claims, then you can find a spot if they dont end up with a wipe to resolve the claim issue.
  10. denully

    TOP 10 PVE Tribe Now Gone (Claim Flags)

    don't claim more then you can handle. You are the reason so many needs to abuse a bug to get a place to settle down. Greed always comes around to bite you in the ass
  11. denully

    stealing our flag while we're online on PVE

    the whole claiming system is buggy as hell and we are getting no info on it either, if they are working on it or if its inteded this way. i have seen a few mention that if your claim flag was from before patch 7.0 they may still be bugged and not have the 3 day timer. Be careful replacing flags though, as your claim becomes available in the mean time, plus i can't confirm if its working or no, its simply what i have read.
  12. denully

    custom flag CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    water claims have to end on _ClaimingFlag_Water_C
  13. denully

    How many months-years before real map?

    you do realize this is early access right ? how unique an island is should be their last concern. dont expect an EA to be a fully released game.
  14. denully

    Hud missing since patch

    confirmed helped dying and spawning in a new zone.
  15. denully

    Playing music

    according to other posts, its apparently sheet music you find ingame to drag on top of the accordion to load them in. it then also has a free play option I would assume the sheet music you find is then different songs for different buffs and free play is just for the fun of it.