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  1. Kanwulf

    New Players

    a bit touchy eh? seems like a bit of projection here, sorry my post hurt you this badly
  2. Kanwulf

    New Players

    this seems a bit like seeing what you were looking for, there are countless examples of positive reviews from people with very little time played as well but that wouldn't make the point you are looking for does it?
  3. Kanwulf

    Xbox release soon?

    how will there be a "great Xbox release"? you know this game is a dumpster fire right? a different platform isn't going to change that. completely off topic, Ark is seeing some huge improvements after the relocation of several employees, wonder where they ended up?
  4. Kanwulf

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    that's the thing all the cool kids are doing now, complain about anything anywhere for any reason or no reason at all. I'm not sure how to feel about this, glad he's a console kiddy on one hand but on the other he would be worth a meat run or two if he was on PC. @Realist congrats on 2k posts on a gaming forum of a game that you don't even play, that really says something, not sure you want to know what it says but it really says something!
  5. You should sue them, do it!!!
  6. Kanwulf

    Atlas worth returning too?

    That will double the population of a server
  7. Kanwulf

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    As much as I love reading your "constructive feedback" on these forums it may be a good idea to find a term other than "megas", there is such a pitiful amount of people still remaining in this game spread across several official servers and countless private servers, I hardly think that term still holds any meaning, what constitutes a "mega" now, 50 person company? 20? As far as their actions on this issue I read it as - we have no way to find/take action against the people who have this setup so we will attempt to frighten them into getting rid of them on their own. We all know the track record these guys have for enforcement on serious issues let alone something like this...
  8. Pretty much the same resume here and while I do remember a few game forums who had problems along these lines Atlas is the only one I recall having the posts remain for long periods of time. The forums are an extension of the game itself so the lack of moderation should come as no surprise .
  9. Kanwulf

    Any updates on the May mega?

    will you settle for both? you're going to get both....
  10. Kanwulf

    Game of Throne fans the Devs?

    Seinfeld ?
  11. lets not just start handing out awards, sure it is a contender but there has been a lot of competition, maybe we can have a vote or something?
  12. The Titanic is a beautiful ship , the weather is great and we are all having a blast.....
  13. Too many trophies for so few reasons. The World has to eat too I guess.
  14. Kanwulf


    Turn around, there are probably 15 or 20 cobras there...
  15. Kanwulf

    Huge mistake

    I have no interest in them "listening to me" but nice effort at putting words into someone else's mouth. If you were here to do anything other than white knight for a brutally flawed game you wouldn't need someone to spell out for you all of the HATED parts of the game, they have been discussed here since day 5 or 6 when they actually got the game stable enough for a few people to join the servers and shit themselves to death from eating too many berries. The simple fact that a couple months into the pre alpha version of this game they are taking it down to do a complete revamp says they are listening to some of the criticism of the broken systems, if they are willing to change enough of their favorite bad ideas is yet to be seen. but please continue with your fandom, it is a fantasy game so by all means keep with your fantasies of how awesome Atlas is, the dozens of people still playing surely agree with you.