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    Wind and Sailing

    I really like the mechanics of it, and sail for hours at a time going island to island on my days off. But I do agree it can be a little boring sometimes. I would rather them add something to do while sailing. I like the idea of the new Fishing net for that. More things like that IMO.
  2. Yeah, just get a bear and do treasure maps. Me and a buddy are playing by ourselves and we stocked up 6k gold in the last week doing blue maps with just 2 bears. Our island upkeep is good for the next month or so. Smaller island. This being said, the higher end blue maps can still be tough with just 2 people on bears. The level 90 or so damned hit pretty hard and have a lot of health. Quality 20 or higher maps we had a few close fights with.
  3. Lostanos

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Yeah, I have to say, I have seemingly ran into more cyclones since this change to reduce them and it makes trying to sail my galleon around a real pain with its slow turning radius.
  4. Lostanos

    Stuck between servers, can't log in

    Just had this issue with my Brig between L12 and L11
  5. Lostanos

    Why are gold coins so heavy?

    I literally just read that post, and this made me laugh so freaking hard. You got me man. You got me.
  6. Lostanos

    Journeyman recipes

    For Example, for fiber you would need 15 Straw and 15 Hemp. 2 Different kinds of fiber.
  7. For example, if I find a Fine Small Shipyard blueprint, will the ship it builds also be a Fine version of that ship? If not, that should definitely be a thing :D.
  8. Would have to agree here, wild predators are just too strong right now for the tools we have available. Even with my Bear that was a good 13 levels higher then wilds on the island I was on, I was having trouble.