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  1. FuyuA

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    It's now active on F8
  2. FuyuA

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    The Fountain is still not active on F8. Does anyone have some information on this?
  3. FuyuA

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Does somebody know when it will be at F8? It doesn't seem to be there at the moment.
  4. FuyuA

    unable to tame

    Just tried to tame an Elephant, first with taming pen and after that on the beach but couldn't feed it once. It seems to me as it's impossible now to tame something, even if you would manage to feed it at some point it would take too long to bola it again in a position to feed it. You would lose all your taming progress until the next time you can feed it. If they wanted to make taming more difficult, congratulation. Whoever is now able to tame something like an elephant must be either really lucky or have figures something out I didn't. If you have any tips how it's possible to tame please let me know. Very interested in that.
  5. FuyuA

    More flags - Decreased contesting timer

    I am also against a mentality of 1 flag per company. I agree with you that bigger companies need more space, are more people and should have the option to expand. If a company with 100 people takes over a whole block with 3 islands then that's fine. More people need more space and it should always be something along the lines that it's for example 1 flag per person. That means small companies have only a few flags available and big companies still have a large territory they can take. For finding a company who lets you stay there for some taxes, it doesn't sound bad and I want to give it a try. Only risk I see is that you will end up at a company who then turns their backs on you. You hear a lot of people complaining about ships being overloaded by other players or taking agressive steps as much as possible even if it's PvE. Maybe it's not so bad as it sounds as you probably only read about the negative stuff, I mean nobody will come into the forum to tell about the great company they found and who let them take a bit of land. On the other side many people will complain if some bad stuff happened. So yeah, I want to see how it turns out in the end, but there are some risks involved that are not fixed yet.
  6. I'm not sure if they will allow claims on lawless regions, or more precisely it would be fatal to a lot of players if they would allow this. Due to the land being already claimed there are a lot of people in lawless regions in order to at least have something they can build on. On H7 alone are often 50 players online. If they allow claiming in these areas it would mean the first few to log in would get everything and all the rest of the people would log in with their stuff gone. As far as I understand Patch 10.0 it just says that you can't spawn on lawless regions again without a bed on a boat. But it will not turn them to normal regions. I hope I'm right with this, because everything else would be madness.
  7. Then consider yourself extremely lucky. I was the same until today, played with 2 other friends on a lawless zone. Had there a small part on the beach, enough for shipyard and a house. When logging in today our ships were sunk, but we were not the only ones. Someone took the time to sink every single ship on the whole island. Not sure how the other islands in the same region are, but if unlucky they all share the same fate. I mean that's not even about a fight with your neighbour or about trying to steal claims, as there is no option to claim lawless regions. So what's the point other than trolling other people?
  8. FuyuA

    Remove Banks/Tax's

    I think that the tax system itself is fine, the poblem is the tax system combined with the option for each player to claim as much land as they want to. If they would put in a cap for how many claims you can have (at least for PvE) then this would be totaly fine. As this is an MMORPG, big companies need to be able to claim more than smaller companies. I play with 2 friends together, so we are a small company and understand that bigger companies have some advantages. And this is fine and should not be destroyed. But being able to claim a whole island with a small company of 3-5 people is crazy in PvE. Even as bigger company you couldn't kill them to get the land for yourself, so there is not much you can do.
  9. I think the biggest problem is that 1 player can claim as much land as they want. So if they were there first they can claim the whole island themselves, as killing them is not an option in PvE you don't have a real option to claim that land for yourself. We are not a huge group, playing with 2 other friends together and are at the moment only on lawless land as it gives us the most options which is in itself ridiculous. I know this was discussed often already, but there should be only allowed one claim per person, it gives big companies still the opportunity to get a lot of land but limits the claims small groups can do. I think the best way to do this would be that over a period of time each player has the chance to select one of their claims which should not be deleted and all others will be deleted afterwards. With this way they can keep their claims, big companies will be able to keep whole islands and small companies will be able to get new land which is now free. We are 3 players and all we want is a small spot where we can build a little base and build our ship. We tried already to claim land but it didn't work so far and we didn't find anything free either. I hope that there will be a solutions soon, because the way it's now with all land claimed and no option to set up a permanent base is really annoying. The above is for PvE Servers, I understand that there might be a different/better solution for PvP.