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  1. Krusty Krotch

    What is Early Access?

    Yea but they are all with Arks "Official Provider" Nitrado and from what I have heard from Company Mates on Discord even they are having major issues. I appreciate what they are trying to do here (Ark/Grapshot) but my god this game was nowhere near ready with this experiential in house designed server meshing tech they are using.
  2. Krusty Krotch

    What is Early Access?

    This game is so broken at the moment they are now just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. They need to put in a single player NOW and also release the server files to other companies! I have had a massive server ordered with GTX for 4 days now but Grapeshot wont let anyone have the files. On top of that I got the dreaded crash when switching spawn zones and haven't been able to play ALL day. If this game was a physical copy it would be what's called a "Glorified Paperweight!"
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    Both are broken for me ..
  4. Krusty Krotch

    Lets Get The Party STARTED!

    See you all there!