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  1. Magicthighs

    Grill connected to water pipes issues

    I work in reverse, which i think is the only way possible. Place the reservoir, the pipes and then drop the grill onto the end of a pipe.
  2. I know it has been posted before, but here we go... When the grill is connected to a water source and has its fire lit, it burns through wood at a rate of 1 unit wood per second and drains 100 units of water per 1 second burn cycle. It acts as if you have a run of items to be manufactured even if you have no work jobs queued. If you leave wood in the grill it reignites after you turn it off, you have to remove the wood. This only happens when connected to water pipes. It also fails to draw water from your water system as a whole. So if you have 12 reservoirs linked together, the grill seems to only work with what it has been drip fed from the nearest one. It recharges its own store of water at the same rate as the nearest reservoir in the chain. Pipes show as blue and connected, reservoirs in the daisy chain show ample water further back in the supply. Can we please fix this so that a grill operates from the reservoir stores that you have and so that the wood burn cycle does not glitch badly? My temp fix is to break one pipe link in the chain near the grill and work with water bladders from a tap. Hardly ideal for what should be a plumbed system.
  3. Magicthighs

    List with downed servers?

    NA Pve K12 is down, been 24 hours. Someone wiggle the switch.
  4. Magicthighs

    Did this game just fry my HD?

    Bad luck. Few hundred thousand owners of the game, some of which will experience hardware failure today.
  5. Magicthighs


    Kill spiders (maybe other insects too, but spiders drop this)
  6. Magicthighs

    How to find characters?

    Is there any way to track your characters between zones and servers? I have a character stuck on the downed NA Pve K12 server, but it made me wonder what would happen if I started another character? Will it overwrite my current one or be in addition to?
  7. Magicthighs

    locked out of server na pve

    I'd imagine it's a server that needs restarted rather than anything that needs coded? Hopefully a resolution soon.
  8. Magicthighs

    locked out of server na pve

    Fingers crossed for a fix. Had only been in K12 for a minute while sailing from L12.
  9. Magicthighs

    NA PVE K12 region down?

    K12 still down for me and a handful of other players that I know.
  10. Magicthighs

    Should offline bodies be a thing?

    Get rid of them. They are crap in Rust, vastly more crappy here given the numbers that the devs want to achieve. Offline sleepers is not PVP, it's Pvop. Player versus offline player. It's a silly mechanic with no real upsides unless you are a feckless tool. As a firefighter and medic, i drop out of the game when my pager goes, which is why PvP in a game which uses offline bodies is a nono for me. PvE it is then. (But still get rid of offline bodies, LAG).