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  1. You can find your screenshots by opening up steam, clicking once on "Atlas" in the left bar, scrolling down and clicking on "screenshot collection" in the middle part of the screen down below the "news"
  2. Dear Grapeshots, We know what "Early Access" means. We know that this phase of development can be highly frustrating for both, developers and players. But please. We love this game. We knew about the risks. We knew it since we played Ark in it's early stages. And in the last few days we encountered a lot of demotivating things. Some were weird bugs. Some were funny. Sometimes the cause were players. Especially griefers and cheaters. Sometimes it was the game, a falsely installed patch or even ourselves. But please. This Schooner was our Baby. We loved it. We admired every piece of it. Me and my captain farmed for almost 20 hours to build this baby. We lost our first ship, our sloop "Sandstorm" to the overspawn of the ships of the damned. Now we lost our schooner "Aurora".....to a crocodile lvl 18. We dropped the anchor 10 meters in front of the coast and went offline for 2 hours to get some sleep. Why only 2 hours? Because this game is so much fun, that's why. We couldn't stay away for too long. We didn't want to miss anything! We were sea nomads. Roleplayers livin' the dream of a pirates life! Now...we're homeless. My crew has finally ran out of motivation. I won't get them to farm for a new home now. To continue our play. The fun. The adventure of the "Sailing Sankrus" I can barely motivate myself for now. We enjoy this game so much and we are willing to help you make the best of it by giving you all the feedback you need to balance your content and turn a good game into the game of the year 2019! Now please help us.
  3. Hey there! Me and my friends of the "Dune Trading Company" are also roleplaying. Mostly in german but also in english if necessary So no, you're not alone. And I'm sure there are several other crews of roleplayers out there. But I'm afraid you can't really trade anything from a raft as it can't hold much weight. Claiming is also pretty difficult these days, as all the claimable islands have already flags on it. There's nothing left. That's why me and my friends chose the life as sea nomads as we live and laugh on our shooner and only walk on mainland to gather ressources and fresh water. You should head to the lawless regions and build your ship there. Your structures will be safe as long as you log in every fourth day at least.
  4. Chaplynn

    Sailing with the Sankrus

    Join us, the Dune Trading Company, on our oruise across the seven seas!
  5. Oh boy. What a douche. Yes, it's actually possible to destroy rafts and ships by simply overloading them. On PvP we had several encounters of people overloading our raft to get the stuff inside the storage boxes. On PvE People simply do the same thing or ram your boats and ships with their on rafts again and again to deal dmg to them. Once we saw somebody griefing by parking is raft in somebody elses shipyard. This way the owner of the shipyard couldn't start building his sloop bc the area was "obstructed".
  6. Aaaaand we're logging back in, because this is a pretty awesome game so far and we now got a good reason to grind for the shooner. See you all in hell, scallywags!
  7. And our ship got completely destroyed. We had no chance to turn and flee. These damn things are everywhere. We lost everything and we didn't even have a fair chance to defend ourselves. Today is a bad day. Fun is ruined. We're gonna log out for a while...
  8. There are way too many ghost ships in G13. We tried to sail towards the south but our way got blocked by at least 3 ghost ships circling across the water surface. So we head towards the east and another 3 ghost ships were spinning in circles at the eastern server wall. I read that with todays patches their spawn rate got decreased. I can't really say it worked. Unless these are all the ships that survived the patch and the server restart....
  9. Well, you understand that it's not intended for players to be "this far" after less than a week, right? You gotta earn your stuff. So....instead of complaining: Use the time for sth more fun and useful and in the process of getting advanced in the game claim the right to finish the galleon
  10. There's just one problem. You gotta find land in the early game to get yourself a shipyard and build at least a sloop to move more than 3 people around. Me and my crew are as 3 and temporarily claimed land to build ourselves a sloop. After that we turned our backs to the mainland and set sails. We got nothing but 4 chests, a preserving bag, a mortal and a water barrel on board. We use smithies and other crafting stations on abandoned rafts we find on the sea. We can make a livin' of it. How about people need to advance in level and skilling captining both to unlock more claim flags? Or buy them with gold dublones? This way we could be sure than most of the players get a chance to get themselves the most important things and everyone who wants to build a harbor or sth gotta work for it.
  11. First: This is a pretty stable review you wrote there! I can agree with most of the points. Especially the claiming needs a rework in my opinion. I saw another thread with somebody suggesting to limit the amount of placable claim flags to the amount of players in a tribe. But I got the feeling that this could be abused pretty hard. Let me help you out with the fishing system. It's exactly the same system as it was in Ark. You learn the skill "advanced tools" and craft a fishing rod in your inventory. Now you may collect sap, honey or sugar canes and pull them in your inventory over the fishing rod. These are your baits! (Won't work, if the rod is already equipped in your hotbar) Get yourself a chair, put it on top of your raft, sloop, whatever and sit down. Put the rod (now equipped with your bait)in your hotbar, do a left click to equip it like a weapon and aim at the water. Tip: There gotta be fishes in the water. You ain't gonna get vitamin D from nothing. As soon as fish bites into your bait, a "Quick Time Event" will start and you gotta press several keys on the left side of your keyboard to pull the fish out of the water. Good luck an' good catch!
  12. Server: Eu PVE Siren's Call Area: C8 The Server is shutting down every 3 Minutes, taking a little time to go online again and presenting a rollback. Last rollback also looked like the entire wildlife got destroyed and has spawned new. I had completely different creatures around me than before! Please help us! We can't play like this.

    I'm really happy the character creation isn't technically the same as in Ark.


  14. chimaere.thumb.PNG.da00a88d961c8cac88a1110f9b23bc22.PNG

    Ahoy Hearties!

    Steht euch der Sinn nach einem extravaganten Rollenspiel-Abenteuer ?

    Die Chimaere Roleplay Community bietet euch ein Puppenspiel der Extraklasse!
    Tauche ein in die Welt von Chimaere und erfahre hier, was das Rollenspiel mit uns zu bieten hat!

    Server Trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9tB4aYXbqA

    Unser geschätztes Community-Team bietet euch mit einer Vielzahl an Supportern und RP-Mentoren
    die ideale Einstiegshilfe in unser Spielgeschehen. Auch Rollenspielanfänger sind ♥-lich wilkommen!

    "Na, neugierig?
    Dann lass' mich dir zeigen, was wir dir noch alles zu bieten haben!"

    • Eine ausgeklügelte Lore
    • Eine Vielzahl interessanter NPCs
    • Jede Menge Rollenspiel orientierter Mods
    • Individuell angepasste Engramme
    • Chimeare exklusive Kreaturen und Items
    • Eine stetig wachsende Community
    • Einmalig gestaltete Events

    Mit unseren Serverraten bieten wir Herzblut-Rollenspielern, sowie auch berufstätigen Wochenendspielern einen angenehmen Einstieg und eine atmosphärische Spielerfahrung!

    Siehe selbst:


    Du hast noch Fragen? Dann schau auf unserem Teamspeak Server vorbei und lasse dich beraten!

    ► https://discord.gg/jZkeJHS

    SYIcshD.png.4f3e025940fbfb0835be5f85d99bf9be.png Wir freuen uns auf dich!

  15. Trying to get some rest from farming my first 6 wood for a pickaxe....almost punched myself to death while trying to gather agedwood from trees. The farm rates are pretty much sh*t....hope they'll patch it soon.
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