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  1. For the love of god PLEASE make it so that raising babies isn't an insane nightmare. As it stands you can't raise them without a team of like 15 people on shifts, because they can't be left alone for even 5 minutes without potentially dying from the temperature being too hot/cold. At least make it so that once they are out of the actual baby phase they no longer take temperature damage. Or anything that would allow players to walk away for more than 30 seconds.
  2. The number one thing I can think of is give us quality blueprints for dang saddles.
  3. This is approximately the 10th time I've had this happen where a treasure map is impossible to do because the bottom of the beam where the mobs spawn is inside of a mesh, usually the side of a hill/mountain.
  4. That's honestly even worse if it's by design. I'd rather it was negligence or a coding screw up. That's basically punishing players for putting in the work to acquire decent tames. There is no rhyme or reason to forcing a player into having to keep mounting/dismounting a tame to find a map. It's literally just making things more difficult just for the sake of making them difficult, when they should be rewarding players for doing the work to get to the point where they can comfortably do treasure maps. This is just shitty game design, you don't punish your player for doing the grindy work.
  5. This is pretty infuriating that treasure map beacons do not display while you are riding on a tame. It means repeatedly getting on and off of a mount to make sure you are heading in the right direction.
  6. Tired of living in a lawless, to be offline raided everyday? Tired of Chinese raiders always sinking your boats while you sleep! Well, TPG Rents has the solution for you! Come rent from us for a smooth 15% tax, we will get you setup in an Ally Build fashion and you can live in peace once again! Contact us today to get started in the process!
  7. This is still an issue that is kinda driving me nuts since I want to put down canvases with paintings to label all the storage in our base
  8. Thanks to the massive nerf to flame arrows in today's patch, it's now next to impossible to kill things like alpha snakes, since the only efficient way before was flame arrows. But now flame arrows only do about 1% of an alpha's health. This was an incredibly stupid decision to nerf flame arrows so hard because they were popular in pvp and offline griefing/raiding. You guys couldn't put your heads together for 10 seconds and consider maybe buffing player/structure resistance to flame instead? Weapons and ammunition have more than one use in your game. And every time you nerf something you need to actually consider all possibilities, not just get tunnel vision on the one aspect you aren't happy with. Now after that nerf killing something like an alpha snake will take easily 2 stacks of flame arrows, and 6-8 bows worth of durability.
  9. I sincerely hope you're just being flippant... the game's only been out a couple weeks.
  10. We've been noticing that the berry gathering ability of the elephant very closely mirrors the issues on Ark with a Bronto gathering thousands of berries. We had 2 elephants out today, and quite literally every time we swung on the elephant the server would hang for a second or so while it calculated the gathering. It might not be a bad idea to remove the berry gathering ability of the elephant considering there are other tames like the bear or bull that gather berries just fine.
  11. The time you need to feed babies is as bad if not worse than Ark used to be before consumption and raising rates were reduced. And on top of that babies are also HEAVILY affected by temperature and start losing health the second they get out of temp range (even with penguins / fires) and it's not exactly like there's air conditioners in this game. It's currently almost impossible to raise any baby creatures at this point. Not sure why the devs thought that everything they needed to make a little easier on the players in Ark needed to be made 1000% harder in this game. You can't expect players to hand feed, and regulate temperature on a baby creature for nearly a full 24 hours. Your players need to sleep at some point.
  12. Wooden painting canvas only lets you do the field fills in the painting UI, but does not allow drawing on the canvas at all.
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