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  1. My thoughts on what needs changing ... Make a base worth investing in. It should be hard to take and require preparation and effort. Remove metal from stone prefabs. Increase health of stone prefabs by 50% or so. Change damage to be dependent on what is doing the damage and what is being damaged eg. a grenade should do little damage to stone prefabs but significant damage to players. You shouldnt be able to spam barrels. Get rid of explosive barrels or make their weight significant so only one can be carried. Quality of Life Provide a means to carry significant weight eg. make the cart have its own inventory, say like 4k. Fix admin locked PIN codes so you only have to enter it once. Increase real time it takes to age, eg. it takes 50% longer to reach 90 years. Claims Claims shouldn't be able to be spammed. Claims should cost to be placed. Claims should cost to be maintained. Maintance costs should scale based on how much development (prefabs/ships etc) lie within a claim.