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  1. LOL. You really don't know who actually owns Grapeshot and Atlas I'm guessing... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snail_(company) Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 蜗牛 苏州蜗牛数字科技股份有限公司; pinyin: Wōniú sūzhōu wōniú shùzì kējì gǔfèn yǒuxiàn gōngsī), doing business as Snail (Chinese: 蜗牛; pinyin: Wōniú), is a Chinese video game company and a Virtual Network Operator headquartered in Suzhou, China, which has branches Snail Games and Snail Mobile.
  2. Well grapeshot poached devs from Dark and Light... so they have form for that.
  3. Yeah. Me and my company peaced-out. Im back to small tribe ark and some Chill time PvE Dark and Light. I only have a few hours to play after work each day. The politics and offline base wiping (raids for loot are fine, but base wipes...) became too much.
  4. Well I heard some of the devs came from Snail games USA - makers of Dark and Light. Where ignoring feedback and ploughing ahead with ill advised changes is par for the course. Also ignoring players and burying heads in the sand seems to be their signature policy in developing these games.
  5. Chinese parent company. Not going to happen. In this game, you are PvE content for Chinese players, to offline wipe you every night. That's also not going to change.
  6. It's mysterious because the developers refuse to patch the games' fonts to display the characters, not some contrived form of ignorance on behalf of players.... one of the Devs even replied to a thread in the general forum with a link to a player made patch to the launcher ffs... /facepalm
  7. I was in a company of 40-50 people. Of that number 3 or 4 are left with any appetite to keep going after this past week... offline base-wiped in the middle of the night. Building changes mean it's minutes to destroy what took weeks to build... And now even harder to rebuild. Im done. GG. Yes you can have my stuff... but you'll need to steal it from the mandarin-speaking gentleman currently wearing it all.
  8. Can i ask why something this basic has been left to modders? It's the same in all of your (Snail) games... Care to explain why this isn't already in the base game? Thanks in advance. It does work for official servers. I'm using it.
  9. Yeah. My company got wiped from having 4 islands on a grid square to nothing. Each time they attack at night when we slept. WIth each island gone with ships too, less people on our side logging in... then the building changes meaning we couldn't rebuild or fortify... of our company of about 40 something people there are 3 or 4 left who intend to keep playing on official servers... GG Grapecard / Wildshot
  10. Im on EU pvp, would rather not mention which company. it wasn't our only island, but it was our main farming one... with metal and honey nodes... which is gonna hurt us with the new Building materials clusterfuck.
  11. Exactly what happened us. Chinese tribes cleared our island out over night. This game, like Dark and light before it, will muddle through with nonsensical changes no one asked for and with zero notice. Alienating the backbone of it's players to the point of the only community left will be Pirate themed RP on PvE private servers.
  12. Yeah, good luck even trying this solo with todays changes if you do not live on a Sap/metal island...
  13. Well, if they add it, or it becomes intuitive to set up ourselves, then it's something I'd definately give a go.
  14. One of the reasons im not enthused by single player and unofficial servers is that by design, those modes can't capture the feel of the full game... a 2x2 square private cluster can't replicate the official servers scope... it's too expensive.
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