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  1. I’m also excited for this! I love the idea of playing and chatting with everyone and I do, but the player base is so low right now that I feel I’m playing alone without the added benefits of MODS and the worrying about my base when I have to work 80 hours a week.
  2. Vhena

    DX11 feature level 10.0 required

    i also am running a Alien ware with a graphics amplifier Nvidia Geforce 2080. I know its active and both it and my intergrated graphics card support DX12 and lower so i shount have this issue regaurdless. annoying
  3. This just started happening to me as well I was playing it now 30 min ago! I have a Alienware 2TB HD intelcore i7-4720 @2.6GHz 16 GB Ram nvidia GeForce 2070 **UPDATE** disabled the internal graphics card to force the use of the added GeForce 2070 graphics card and this fixed the issue.
  4. Vhena

    ghost island

    I’ve verified my game files but I’m also getting ghost islands. Some of my clan mates are seeing the same while others on the same ship are not. Right now 4 of us are looking at the free port in E10 and 2 of us can’t see it because of what looks like a mountain covering it. The other two see it fine. Also: D11 same thing.
  5. Vhena

    It isn't raining in temperate zones

    That’s supposed to happen, or at least it always did before though it’s not working for me. I can not get my rain barrel to fill up at all even when it rains on my ship in E11. 4 rain storms and several hours. No water in the barrel.
  6. Vhena

    guide DEDICATED Server Setup (1x1 Grid Examples)

    It’s not in the Jason file, but that k you for the response. This message isn’t located anywhere that I can find in the json map editor or if I open the file in nintrado. The message I have set to display that IS in the JSon file is “welcome to my world”
  7. Vhena

    Server mod version mismatch

    Im having this same issue tonight on my Nitrado Server. Not sure how to fix this. You just put the ID number in the Json file and the server runs it from steam ID. If its updated, when you stop/restart the server, it should update the MODs...??
  8. Vhena

    guide DEDICATED Server Setup (1x1 Grid Examples)

    Hello, I have a successful Server set up but have 1 nasty annoying feature that i can not seem to get rid of. I have no idea who Singleton is or what UUID is or why its displaying Tropical Freeport. I've searched a few of the files in the Nitrado .INI lists but i just dont know which one it is. Changing the MOD in admin settings doesn't do any good. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. um, i just put the code in the JSON file and the game loaded them all with no issues. We had a few "connection time out issues the first time it loaded, put no issues. list of working Mods: 1652044230 Paintable Furniture 1643109631 Decor 1645711130 RPG town 1633017456 light gold 1628611721 Automation Collector 1637820974 Ship Decor 1629573158 Weight Reduction Dino 1642970546 fireplace 1639573318 Preserving Bin 1669564240 Tranq darts 1646246826 new ship 1635287345 new lamps 1633503401 dirty resource 1640532384 gold convert vendor 1629030536 stackable resources 1668450164 shipyard plus
  10. Vhena

    Lawless foundations and pillars

    My Partner and I are a 2 person company and we have 2 bases; one on a lawless island and another that we rent since neither of us has the dedicated time for long sea journeys to find claimed land. We are lucky to have some good folks around us and made allies and friends in both zones. We don’t want to give up our lawless and a wipe is a not needed or wanted from my standpoint. Yes, we have people who pillar spam, we’ve done it as well to mark territory and keep certain people from building near us when we notice them encroaching... some for good reasons and some probably not. We’ve also had to deal with people blocking the entrances to the bay. But you deal with it and hopefully make nice. Its worked for us. I think the answer is more complicated though for other concerns I believe any structure less than 4 foundations/ceilings WITHOUT walls and a door should have a excellerated decay time of 24 hours including EVERYTHING inside even chests, crafting stations and tames. That will protect the small bases and taming pins we put up randomly near animal spawns while getting rid of platform blockage and pillar/foundation spamming. It would force actual stucture builds they have to visit
  11. Vhena

    Character XP while sailing

    I LOVE this suggestion. Considering it’s a pirate game, why doesn’t sailing or building ships offer XP?
  12. So many of us are in this game for the fun of building, sailing and taming. We aren’t to good at the killing things. On top of that, some of us are Solo players. I know that many say the game isn’t a solo game, but there are a significant number of smaller companies and solo players. If love to see some quests reminiscent of Legend of Zelda or GOONIES . Puzzle quests that require certain tools to get to new places, poem (not just maps) that would lead to new places. Elaborate ones but that are within server grids so you don’t need to sail hours to finish. Or maybe some of them are! But leave the crazy ass animals out. This way, those who WANT to battle mobs and high level monsters can (quicker loot) or those that don’t can go this route (longer time to finish but equally rewarding)
  13. Vhena

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

    If you happen to already know, Can you be specific @osterberg501 on which graphic settings hit what? I’m unfamiliar with PC troubleshooting and my own FPS could be better. I can run HIGH/Epic in most servers but still I only hit 55-75 FPS avg in Low and run 25-35 in high.
  14. Vhena

    Claiming System - bugged and hard to understand

    Same here, I just don’t get it?
  15. You can’t run from them, you can’t swim from them. A level 2 is death for lower toons. Let’s bit talk about this Alpha that camped my sloop for an hour killing me over and over and destroying my shit.