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  1. spawned in zone A10 Built Raft + Bed Sailed North to load barrier Started loading into A9 Game eventually timed out. Every time i try and reconnect, i just get "Host Pending Connection timeout" "Lost/timedout pending connection to host." See attached image. Am i stuck in limbo between zones?
  2. I was having issues joining,same ones your describing, but eventually got in. Got a raft built and sailed out into another zone, now i'm back to just getting "Host Pending connection Timeout" "Lost/timedout pending connection to host." I hope you guys get to play! Try the PvE server's they seem less populated than the PvP right now.
  3. I'm also having the exact issue you described. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.
  4. any update on this yet, any ETA on private server files?
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