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  1. One thing forsure that made the game boring was it just felt like I was battling ghosts and skeletons all the time. Of course there were encounters with players and some were fun and some just wrecked me, it'd be a bit better though if I could actually feel like a pirate though even if I sucked at the game. With Ark, you almost always feel like somebody trying to brave the elements and survive Jurassic Park Style, in a tree stand. Of course there are immersion breaking elements, but the game does a very good job of instilling that feeling in the player. Atlas needs to make players feel more like pirates.
  2. Yes please. It was a huge immersion breaker, encountering all these ghostly ships and yet hardly any real pirate ships. Definitely needs to be less Ghost Ships, thats for sure. If people want to search for them, add maps that let you search in a spot in the ocean for a fleet of the Ghost Ships as the mission, with a proper reward.
  3. They already got your money and according to Grapeshot we are all tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists so anything we say about people hacking in their game is irrelevant seeing as the developers have made the first perfect unhackable game. Nothing to due with the fact that their racism is leading them to think that banning hackers is racist so therefor they can't ban the hackers for fear of being racist, when in order to have that fear, you have to be racist.
  4. The term "conspiracy theory" was coined by the CIA back in the 50/60s during their days of dosing random college students/officials with vials of LSD. It was a way to get people to not look into the various activities of the CIA, or even the existence of the NSA or top secret towns like Richland, WA that was used for the Manhattan Project. For example, during the 80s, the CIA/NSA were responsible for the majority of the cocaine & crack being moved into the United States, using the profits to fund Black Site operations that would not be approved for funding by Congress. Due to their efforts to coin the term "conspiracy theorist," bringing up such a subject associates one with the insane and deranged, when there is mounds of evidence and documents describing such events. If a journalist decided to a break a story that a whistleblower had disclosed to him, all the sudden rather than the government being toppled over, the whistleblower and the journalist lose all credibility then die a few days later to a tragic suicide or heartattack.
  5. Oh I see, just shadowban the thread instead.
  6. This post will likely get removed, they all seem to. I'd like to discuss why this game is hemorrhaging players. Had the luxury of helping shape World of Warcraft, being granted Alpha access to many of their games in exchange for detailed feedback, as extensive bug reports, and essay suggestions. In return I was given Battle.net balance as well as free games. Someone on the steam page posted this review and I thought it was mostly valid. "I love this game but cannot recommend it. the Dev team wanders aimlessly around stepping on their own toes and insulting its gaming community with the ridiculous decisions they make. the game has great potential but it falling far short of the mark due to the mental instability and lack of business sense in the company." I'd like to wager that it's not the Dev Team wandering around aimlessly, it's pretty apparent the work they've done. Its the reason we bought the game. What's the cause? The community management of course. The people checking this very post, helping with support tickets, etc. Why would anyone stick around for a game who's staff just like to rub salt in the wound. Why would anyone stick around if their dissenting comments will get deleted or if support tickets are just thrown away, even when they have a valid issue that justifies getting support. Why would anyone play if they knew their entire ship could sink at any moment due to a random bug, only to be meant with the "We're so sorry, it's alpha broooooooooo" response. Why would anyone play if they everything they've built could be taken from them from a stupid glitch yet no response is met from the support team? Once my whole tribe lost ownership so we couldn't delete buildings or access certain rooms, which ended costing us our base because we were being raided at that moment. I received no help from Grapeshot then, yet they claim that's what they reserve help for. This message is to the Dev team although I doubt they will ever see it; Restructure your community management. Its some of the worst I've ever seen in all my years of playing MMOs. Now go ahead delete this, because I know you will.
  7. So I was sailing my schooner up north, that I rebuilt after getting attacked. Now I've been up north all the time, and even have done treasure maps on icebergs. Well I went to go on an Iceberg to place a flag, and my ship was stopped, then an ever so small wave caused two planks to be instantly destroyed, no warning. Now if I was moving, I'd understand this, but I wasn't moving, my ship was fairly still. Damage was done, so I grabbed the important stuff (bullprints, treasure maps, gear) and about 900-950ish gold off of the ship and onto the dinghy along with my 3 crew members. Once on the dinghy I made it about halfway to shore then died of vitamin deficiency and dehydration. After I respawned, I noticed there was no beacon to my body and didn't think much of it. Got to the dinghy, and there was no body, and no bag. Nobody looted it, I was the only one in the server at that time, and nobody would have been able to do so without a 100 fortitude or another ship. Is there a way I can go about trying to get the gold restored at least? Treasure maps and blueprints are lost, I understand that, I have no idea what blueprints I lost. I can still recover alot of the materials from the schooner so it's not like I can't get that back, but the gold was a heavy blow having spent the day collecting it. TL:DR Iceberg insta destroyed planks even when at a stand still Body disappeared with 950 gold & valuable materials after dying on the dinghy.
  8. Thank you that helps Still bugged, and I should be able to die, assuming I can run back and grab my gear. It's just that the bug prevents that from being the case. Also still doesn't stop the big guy from hitting me 20 feet away
  9. Just started playing again and I gotta say I didn't miss this game. Everything is going smoothly, except when it comes to getting gold, because I have to do treasure maps. Treasure Maps are best defined as stage 4 cancer. Why in god's name do I have to do 10-20 waves of skeletons before I can finally dig up the treasure chest? Why can they hit rhinos yet the rhinos don't attack back? Why do they constantly go in the ground and pop back up resetting their health? Why do they constantly hit me even though IM 20 FUCKING GOD DAMN FUCKING FEET AWAY FROM THEM! Why is everytime that I finally finish the non-stop waves of Army of the Damned, does it say 5 more left? I thought maybe this chest is just bugged. No, ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THIS? WHY!?!?!?
  10. Currently at this stage in the game, all gates should just be removed due to the obvious overpowered nature of gatespamming. After a couple months, the regular gate should be made to be a little bit larger so Elephants and Giraffes can use them, and should be limited to 3 per territory flag. "Large" Walls about the size of the regular gates should be added as well, for defensive purposes. Not to mention, the gates should be twice as expensive as what it would cost to cover the same area with normal stone walls, and the "Large" walls should be the exact price of what it would cost to cover that area in normal stone walls. These should also be limited to a total of 3 territories. In fact, while we are at it, all Companies should be limited to 1 flag per five people in the company. Like the OP said, there are 30,000+ people trying to play, and only 1000-5000 can, due to walls and everything already being claimed. Unfortunately, you can't be a pirate on a ship that just roams, because you'll take constant ship damage unless you're in you're own territory, which is impossible since majority of the sea is already claimed. This is the reason they have early access of course, however this current trajectory is heading nowhere good.
  11. Our tribe has had our ships randomly sink as we were sailing with no warning.
  12. Bump Same thing happened to our group, it's complete chaos atm.
  13. Our ship was destroyed randomly without even undocking it.
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