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  1. A few months ago when I was using windows 7, I was able to paint on the sails. Now, I'm unable to paint on the sails regardless of how I write the file name on saved files. Even trying to do a template from the game, it won't save for me. I'm going to put a screenshot of how the files look for me on my computer. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?
  2. The chinese players aren't shit. The fact that everyone complains about the chinese is kind of sad. People need to just get good or get rekt. I've ran into some Chinese people. Sank a raft of one company. Ran into a Galleon of another, but they just spammed hi and then bye. They're literally like any other company. They're either going to kill you on sight or just leave you alone.
  3. Sig

    V5.0 Still Host Connection Timeout

    I keep getting snapshot 16 then connection host time out