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  1. Please do some fucking research before you spew your dribble on the internet. https://server.nitrado.net/eng/offers/atlas
  2. Cam


    OSRS is a big throwback
  3. Cam

    Favourite Youtuber?

    Hey, mines is Airsoft fatty?
  4. Cam

    Favourite Youtuber?

    I think it has to be firsoftaatty
  5. I really cant wait to dance
  6. Cam

    My names Neiur

    that is really nice and cool and super profound xD Swing
  7. hey bro you doing alright? yeah?
  8. Cam

    Favourite Youtuber?

    That's a really good choice, but mines is AIRSOFTFATTY
  9. Cam

    32 GB!!

  10. I dont mind it at all. means if someone has founded an island i can find another sorta like it and I'm not gonna miss out on an alpha position
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