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  1. Hey, Visual. I see you are using the explanation from Colvr that he posted in the Atlas Server Support Discord weeks ago. It sounds like he came up with the above instructions after he experimented because it was unclear to a lot of us exactly how to implement this. Thank you for reminding me that I should share information here with credit (or prompt someone else to do so) to help other server owners. I think we should include the last part of his chart that gives it even more clarity.
  2. The last I knew players couldn't tame Shieldhorns and Razorbacks on every Powerstone island. They have to have "wild" in their name. I haven't heard of any being able to tame any other creatures on powerstone islands like the higher level standard creatures.
  3. RenWmn

    Clothing skins

    One of the things that I absolutely respect about the clothing design so far is that male and female skins are not vastly different. In fact I'd honestly suggest that we don't need major differences in design beyond fit to a female form. I so despise the games where you have sensible male outfits and "sexy time" female equivalents especially for armor. I don't mind there being something fit and attractive for females, but I really want to make sure there is a male equivalent. If you have an alluring outfit for a female model than make it that way for males as well. I don't want to see something being overly sexy. (I know this is hard to quantify but there is a way to make an outfit appealing and the character within in attractive without looking like they are getting ready for a soft core porn shoot.) I don't want to be faced with every female player being super sexy everywhere. So please do not add a skin like this for armor. I just want to make sure that Grapeshot continues to be mindful of the portrayal of women in Atlas. I want the game to continue to feel like a safe and inclusive place.
  4. Essences are to unlock the hard mode Kraken after the regular Kraken battle.
  5. Yeah, basically players are better off NOT using upgraded shipyards if you had already increased the ship level via OverrideMaxExperiencePoints which increases/increased (does this still work?) ships to 72(ish). We may have an additional problem going on we have some people that weren't able to level their ship from a legendary shipyard more than 13 lvls. We have some people that made ships from the masterwork/legendary shipyards and then used their best BPs for parts on those ships. I'm still searching for a solution because that is a major disappointment to them that their ships are broken. If anyone finds something, please please let us know! Also I'm wondering if there is something Grapeshot can do? On unofficial some (especially including content creators) are going to want to provide upgraded and higher level enemies for players and that is going to require upgraded vessels beyond normal.
  6. They changed it to two weeks. Thank you Grapeshot!! - Empires PvE mode will now have a 2 week declaim tag period of claim flags (was previously 6 hours for test purposes).
  7. Below is the list of island point settings for servers. I very much appreciate having the ability to customize but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around how they work especially in non-settlement mode. Has anyone used these settings and has a clearer idea of how they work? Thank you!
  8. RenWmn

    How to fix islands and land claims

    @Sinappia For my part I think every section should include a shoreline. So that no one could be land locked. For PVP I wouldn't suggest making island residents coexist. It is PVP. Someone do something crappy on the island? Raid them. As to PVP times? Perhaps the map should just be split up for PVP times and then people would know where they want to ultimately settle based on their schedule. 9 hours seems a bit long for a PVP time for people that have jobs and lives. 6 hours of PVP time? Split the map in large blocks with different raid times? Every major redesign is going to need to come with other changes. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be considered. As to there being available land now, the game population isn't near what it needs/should be to be sustainable. Early Access is about designing for the future.
  9. I've done a lot of testing to try to fix this issue including your "fix" GingerNinja and that does not consistently work unfortunately. (Yes, I do have my Freeports set to 0,1 and other islands set to 9+) We need a way to consistently set an island as "no spawn" for new players and those changing home servers. The spawnpointoverride of -1 is no longer working.
  10. RenWmn

    How to fix islands and land claims

    I've had this idea too while testing PTR. I like the idea of every company being able to own their own land. It really isn't "fun" to be beholden to a landlord. Most of us are trying to get away from that dynamic in our games! Most islands can easily hold multiple smaller companies and the current one claim per island system encourages over-claiming of land. More companies could easily share the existing land. Larger companies could chose to use their points claiming an entire island or have multiple holdings throughout the game. In PVP this would give a greater chance of a company being able to have a piece of land as a starter base and they can fight for better land claims. In PVE it would still be whomever gets there first has the advantage. But a company would have to keep active to retain their land claims. (I do think a long auto decay timer should be considered for PVE flags so people don't have to contest flags - the land will just open up.) On our PVE dedicated servers we work hard to create and maintain a system where everyone can own their own land. It is just flat out fair. The only people who have an advantage in the current system is those who get there FIRST. I don't think new players should be penalized that strongly. No one probably wants to hear this but the only fair way to have a full island claim system for PVE is to have regular wipes so newer players have a chance at a land grab at various intervals. Otherwise, why continue to play a game if all the land is already owned?
  11. I was able to test the trenches on our map and can confirm that they work as separate entities. I was able to get two different essence. The powerstone essence pillar will be located in DIFFERENT locations for each essence it looks like.
  12. I was thankfully wrong! Just got the 9th powerstone from our updated map from a duplicate (Mnt_r_ch_pve) island. Now I can help test the trenches for essence on our map as well.
  13. Changing the spawn point region override for islands doesn't appear to be working for me either.
  14. UPDATE: BOTH ARE WORKING SEE ADDITIONAL POSTS I've been doing a lot of testing the past couple of days. All of our testing is pointing to the actual powerstones being linked to the unique powerstone islands regardless of the map editor quest coding. This is why I'm confused that one of the islands (mnt_r_ch_pve) is repeated on official for the 9th powerstone. I'm going to be working on coding to try to get that island to produce the 9th powerstone with the quest code. I suspect though it isn't going to work. Has anyone actually retrieved the 9th powerstone from the repeated island after the newest patch? Also no matter how we try to code the trench or where we put them down we are only getting the 1st power essence from it. (You can test this if you have a character with all 9 powerstones since it appears essence can be gotten if you have all the stones not finished the first battle.) Again, it seems like the the actual powerstone and/or essence is tied to the island/trench entity. Are we potentially short one unique powerstone island and 8 trenches? Perhaps it is on the list but not finished? Just driving myself crazy here trying to get something to work that might be impossible at this point in time.
  15. Add me to the list where bAutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions=false is not working for me either. I'm wondering if server mode matters? I'm using the old style PVE with multiple claim flags possible per island.