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  1. Same here. People are stealing everything from us over Night. We also lost a Base and a Ship ...
  2. Yea its crap, someone has stolen our Territory easily in 30minutes(we re constantly in this area) and now we cant claim it back cuz it takes 3 days wtf?
  3. Yea lost a lvl 32 Character 2 times, much fun.
  4. Every time when i relog on the Servers i have to create a new Character when logging in or when i died. 7 or 8 new Characters in a row now, loosing all structures, stuff and ships.
  5. I dont play PoE and i dont have any kind of Script or Makro tools. Only the Mouse drivers (Sharkoon Drakonia).
  6. Im getting kicked everytime i try to join the Server. It says im using an disallowed programm named "AutoHotKey". But i dont even own this programm and there are also no processes with its name. So i cant play the Game at all.... i hate BE so much .
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