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    Breeding, Temperature, and Stasis

    I'm in a Tundraregion. Tried to breed twice. Heatwaves are a big Problem for Babies. Both Trys died because of a heatwave. The first one at 35°C and the second one was in the Water, standing and i tried to feed against the healthlost. No chance... died by a temperature of 24°C...
  2. Mac Ginnis

    Tempreture and Breedingstuff

    We are in a Trundraregion, wearing only Furarmor cause otherwise its to cold for us. I tried to breed Bears, works fine at the beginning. But than there was a Heatwave...Normal daylie temprature: 10°. With Heatwave 35° in a Tundraregion!! HOW is this possible? My Juvenail Bear died, because even in the Ocean it was too hot for him. That makes no sence! Pls fix those stupid Heatthings. Even in Polarregions there are heatwaves. For me 9 hours wasted time, for a friend 14 hours... Have we really to build an elevator 72 walls high to escape thos things in a region, where bears normaly live? Yes, its only a Pixel, but its time, that you spend with the Baby and yes, it hurts a bit, when you see it diying without any chance to do anything! (english isnt my mainlanguage, so i dont care, if there are mistakes...)