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  1. Just wanna say thanks to all of you working on this!!!!
  2. It's crude but... if it saves folks's boats until they can figure something better out... YAY!
  3. The bodies falling through the ceiling tiles or into foundation is an Ark Engine thing... usually notice it on server crashes, would happen in Ark and Dark and Light. We've tried about everything in the book... the only thing that works is taking our tames to our claimed land and they are 95% safer than at our Lawless camp.
  4. This is really cool can't wait to get home and try it out!! Nice Work!
  5. From Jatheish on Discord a few minutes ago. We won't be rolling back the servers for any of these changes. As for resources, our QA team are investigating the issue but so far all the signs pinpoint it to being the structure spawn-prevention radius. This is native to the game but wasn't present during our initial launch due to Lawless Regions being listed as Homeservers, so from a technical point of view, it's intentional, however not ruling out possibilities for other issues (hence they're investigating). There's an argument that the radius itself needs to be adjusted, so we'll have to think on that.
  6. We have given up on having tames over night... We've lost all tames in different style pens several nights over. We've even had snakes spawn in our house and kill everyone while we were offline. Foundations and ceiling tiles don't make a difference.
  7. Just adding my report to the pile... HOT FIX PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  8. Every day consistently we log in to find all of our tames dead to a random low level animal and usually a member or two dead. This is in lawless... shouldn't be an excuse to spawn animals inside of protected buildings.
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