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  1. Thund3r 4

    Players Can Get Stuck here

    I’ve been stuck there. Hopefully somebody has come to kill me and got stuck themselves in place of me
  2. Thund3r 4

    This claiming system is an actual joke

    Yeah. In the water you go go anywhere near the land you’ll get fucked up.
  3. Eu pvp. I am aware it’s pvp. But rp should be pvp too so we can have hanging and duels n shit.
  4. Just want a little island and set up a few buildings for a nice little trading post for people to come far and wide and do some trades with cool random stuff from the world of atlas. Instead its just a pile of shite with no land anywhere around with toxic people not willing to trust or speak to anyone outside their company.
  5. I miss mmo’s where an actual community come together and socialize and not always just kill the first thing that moves. Todays mmo’ers are just complete dicks with no intention of role playing and enjoying the adventure they are on. Instead it’s get the highest level possible with the most loot possible.
  6. This game really is unplayable on your own. Nobody wants to join up either. Devs think about more than just the mega companies that claim everything in sight. Come on there is literally no fucking land left to claim or build on.
  7. It must be contagious guys. I got a bad case of “I feel tired I should probably go to bed”. Meanwhile on atlas some fucking dicksplash has smashed into my stone house and slaughtered me like a pig. After only 6 hours of coming away from the game. Devs. Get a grip. People have lives too. Sort it out.
  8. Thund3r 4

    I want my money back!!!

    I’d like to think the devs do take note of how much negativity goes around on this forum so they can see how messed up the game is and what the players want to make it a real amazing game.
  9. Look at how many islands are “unclaimed” its about as dynamic as my white ass is.
  10. Thund3r 4

    I want my money back!!!

    Steam have been refunding people past the 2 hour limit because they are aware at how poor the start of this venture was. Put a bed down and spawn on there. But by all means get your money back and pay full price for it in a few years when it’s all fixed......
  11. Just a point. Wolves and tigers most probably can run faster than you irl so if nothing else there’s a slightest bit of realism to this game
  12. I’m in the area of eu b7. Wanna be part of a big community to great a living breathing town on an island with hundreds of players. Would be awesome if we could all actually work together and build a bustling town with different job roles and trading posts ect. Anyone up for it?