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  1. As far as i know (2nd hand info): -Cant build -Cant tame them -those lvl 100ish animals HURT!
  2. You can demolish them for partial resources back
  3. Q will but you can also try crouching or going prone if it is still not highlighting, also changing you chars angle sometimes helps as well!
  4. Sadly it will make it so everyone can do everything, not a good idea at all
  5. Aye with out a lockout system after x fails this will keep happening.
  6. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/clubs/ is what you are looking for!
  7. EA is obviously not for you man. Game is very very playable in current state, has a load of issues but they have made a lot of progress in last few weeks. Sorry to see you go, hope ya give it a shot in couple years when more polished!
  8. Sadly i feel like majority of people are still just killing themselves and re-spawning rather then eating and drinking
  9. Freeports are already a cluster though, but yeah I'm fine with say a "free" hour... long as u cant reset that hour more then once every day or two.
  10. Game will launch in 2 ish years mate. Many many many balance patches will come!
  11. Its pretty rough atm, might just be better to just tame more until patch fixes it up a bit
  12. Yeah I think Balista are anit-personnel so "SHOULD" work on animals lol
  13. Heard that it may be a tricky spot u have to feed then on neck/head, try adjusting where they go down with bola to give you better access
  14. 30% Free Farm + a bob base as human shield for raids is nice!
  15. Would be cool to see!! Id love to see more leaderboards of diff types!!
  16. A pit of DEATH!!!! Post it in https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-bug-reports/
  17. As a whole is really is not a grindy game at all though, it plays way better with a medium sized company.
  18. Getting better day by day! Will be amazing in 2 ish years with launch!!!!!!
  19. Should be adding 50 more lvls to softcap Monday
  20. Berries + Filled WaterSkin in Cooking Pot
  21. Permissions rework is supposed to happen monday
  22. Rebuild the sucker, and park new further off shore and swim in
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