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  1. You don't need to learn EVERYTHING prioritize your skills, work off Company mates and Allys!
  2. Can deff fit them all on a brig and prob on a schooner, just have to mess around with redesign if you want to cram all the crafting stations on 1 boat you going to have to give up some aesthetics to make it work
  3. Worms, they are pretty easy with the Plunder Talent!
  4. It takes ages to reload real flintlock guns, time to reload is just fine! Insta reload would kill off bows and melee 100% and wouldnt fit with the games style
  5. Atm its storage box, but if most of them are "mostly useless never gone touch blueprints"then dont keep them!
  6. You again, stop trolling the forums man. If your always this unhappy try coming back in 2 years mate!
  7. ^-- 2 more years of patches and balance fixes to come mate
  8. Don't think we will see one any time soon. Should be at very least 2 up at official launch I'd hope!
  9. Would be really cool to see down the road!
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