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  1. remove blueprint already
  2. Each company should own 1 giant ship ( twice as big as Galleon) with unlimited weight and crew which will serve as main base .. land bases no more .. smaller ships like galleon brigs and schooner can be stored in bottles or smtgh ( if we take Pirate of carbine). The giant ships also should have peace timer which will be immune to all enemy but like 18 hours of peace timer( becasue it is much more risky). To not overpower large company the max player per company can be 40 and no allies allowed( if someone allies with other company they loose their ship {that would scare of company to allie) . If the giant ships sinks.. hm not sure but it would be too punishing to loose everythingh
  3. No you forgot the nr 1 most annoying bug of all... If there is npc that are standing or tames on your ship after a while they teleport behind your ship but the collision is still there
  4. how is it making it more unbalanced low level player have 0% chance to win against the 150 players now it increased a little at least
  5. I do not agree with making the underwater structure more easy to break... What is the fun to farm for a ship and loose while you are not on it.. To reduce the mass lag as I already suggested is to remove damage from Canon on tames to anchored ship which should debuff the focus on tames and more on ships
  6. Players build giant harbor defense for enemy ship but even more for land tames with canon ... Being in active pvp group I general want to quit the game .... Don't get me wrong the ship PVP is one of the most fun thingh ever but the land pvp ... playing with 2 fps chasing horse puckles with other horses for hours the buggy land pvp system ... the broken meta and I could go for ever and all the structure to defend the ships to then play the game with 2 fps ... and here comes my suggestion ... Remove Tame and Land canon damage(grenade damage too) to anchored ships this would hugely benefit the game for the following reason : 1. NO need to overbuild the harbor so that Xbox player can play there too. 2. Tames lose their importance which they should because now they are more important than ships. 3. If you have pillar bases you don't have to waste 8 hours to defend against griefers that just try to sink your ship 4. It would encourage a lot more ship PVP because to actually sink the ships you need a other ship 5. It would prevent offline raiding a lot That is all I came with... there is defenetly more benefits to it. Sorry for bad English
  7. We live in the polar and there are no berrys in the polar.. so we are forced to take around 140 k berry every week from freeport to feed all npc .. this task is not only boring but it takes long too. A easy solution to the problem would be that the food larder has priority of the silo so that big close groups of npc don't eat so many berry of the silo but eat them from the food larder .. A other easy solution would be that you can put vegetable in silos... I hope you consider this suggestion as in our group we are fighting every week to who should go take the large amount of berrys.. Or even better complety remove the feeding npc mecanism
  8. have same problem just with some certain wi-fi though
  9. Everytime I color the Medium Wood Ship Deck and I rejoin the Color disapears and goes back to normal
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