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  1. ive gained 50 levels from this
  2. there is also a skill which allows you to look in locked chests
  3. i love a paint job... but my character is black and you cant see any paint on him
  4. thank god there is someone who also thinks this system is broken im not the only person complaining xD
  5. v0dka


    they could of sat outside your doors for hours going through all the pin codes, just remove pincodes and have it locked... problem solved... pin code ur storage boxes tho and use different pin codes
  6. here is a gif of me with the lion just now: https://gyazo.com/659bfc88c8466756ff3252ee37d881e5
  7. works with male and female we have a pair and right click just once
  8. it works fine for me, you cant pick up some animals tho... cows,elephants etc.. wolves chickens,horses etc u can
  9. well here goes another baby to the cold even with 10 campfires... still too cold... like wtf seriously
  10. im finding it very difficult to raise animals with the current temperature system, it feels like i need to be online 24/7 till the animal is raised which is impossible! i would rather raise 400 gigas at once than raise anything on here.... i dont mind the temperature system i just think it needs toned down alot or introduce a A/C system like ark... i will litrally be away gathering wood for 5minutes come back and find that my baby is now too hot and has 3hp (from 75) i turn off the fires go farm abit more wood and come back 5minutes later to find its allmost dead from the cold, so i have to crank the fires on and this is within a very short period of time, this also carries through all the way till they are fully grown given that bears take 4 days roughly to raise that would mean i would need to sit around my bear baby bear for 4 days turning fires on and off to make sure it is at the right temp, this is allmost impossible! this also does not affect just bears, i have lost 21 horses to heatstroke, 4 cows and 2 bulls to the cold... i honestly dont have enough time to go to the toilet and back before they die from hot/cold never mind a food run for the babies! I honestly dont mind doing this for the baby stage but please remove it for the juv/adolsecent stages otherwise i will be dead from sleep deprevitation just from monitoring its heat!
  11. anyone else experiance this? or just us?
  12. Hey, So i have made quiet a few baby horses at first i thought i just wrote down the stats wrong and thought i was tripping with lack of sleep... but this time i decided to take screenshots, the baby came out male, a few hours later it turned female, do i just have a bunch of transgender horses or is this a bug? before: https://gyazo.com/06fe4713f647281e0cb5cf80eea0e082 After: https://gyazo.com/b0c1ecbf5ebff34e33ab78ca5e303581
  13. build a trap for it then tame it inside the trap
  14. it appears all tier 3 are unbreadable at the moment
  15. First off i think its annoying that only certain animals can breed in the tundra, i also think its silly that we cannot breed wolves/lions which are good gathers for meat(i hope they fix this in the future) second how do i hatch eggs? i mated 2 chickens and got an egg, however the egg looses health when on the ground, i have tried campfires which i thought was working but it just reduces the timer slightly on the egg health, does anyone know how hatch the eggs?
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