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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about that, that's awful. So far that hasn't happened here, but its been pretty awful, right now our entire side of the island has one tree spawn
  2. Hey Guys, Not sure if this is the right way to report, but I can't find any official channels. We have a group on this island, Bursbsy Island named "Myst of Avalon". They originally owned a lot of the island, and had a 30% tax on it, a lot of us since then (launch) have taken a plot or two to live on, normal PVE, nothing aggressive. Since then, Avalon has been playing Buoy's all over to stop spawns, and stated that is why they have done this, and also told us they will make our life hell. I have included a screenshot of a lighthouse and Buoy in front of a base, they place them in our areas too, and luckily we can destroy these after 1.5 hours, but they just replace them.. We had no wood on our island for an entire day at one point. Can anything be done?
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