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  1. Indpendent

    submarine. bugs collection

    Agree with most comments for operation of the submarine. Yes, after release, the submarine goes underwater on it's own - it should be floating there instead. Yes, claw damage crew (not pilot) inside if they are forward of the pilot (in the bubble window). Another of our crew complained about not being able to use the ballista. Worked fine for me but I did not have middle mouse button remapped. The submarine can get stuck for almost no reason - it's possible to turn it to face any direction but it will not move. Removing the steering wheel seems useless since a wooden steering wheel can't be used to replace it. The lighting seems adequate to me.
  2. Indpendent

    submarine bug

    Seeing the same here. Probably about 10/10 stuck subs already lol - its not if, its when.
  3. Indpendent

    Tames agrro'd by SotD

    i lost half of my crew due to them being other than passive (probably on attack my target). prehaps it was my fault for not knowing to change them, but it doesn't make sense that their behavior would cause them to attack sotd lol... unless they can actually sink them... (they didnt appear to have done any damage to the sotd)
  4. Same problem two different days
  5. Indpendent

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Today could have been great. Instead, I just ignore discord and stopped thinking about ATLAS. Trying to find something else to take my mind off of ATLAS and I just may not even come back if said thing is good enough to keep me there. Was looking forward to streaming and playing this whole month. I don't get opportunities (time-wise) like this ever (military) so RIP that (bad timing). Also, our crew is super fractured right now, all the people I enjoyed playing with are just everywhere, but not together. That is how it is affecting me. My love for this game is fading when there is not the people to play it with anymore. Hopefully in time it will be great and I'll/they'll, we all will, come back.
  6. Indpendent

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    When ARK introduced Small Tribes and Conquest, they were welcome and a great asset to the Official server modes so smaller groups could feasibly exist. ATLAS does not have the same dynamic due to having so many available places to build. I'm sure others have countering opinions but I played all 3 server types in ARK with very successful groups (of which quite a few of us are here together in ATLAS) and they certainly have their place, but ARK also wasn't an MMO game.
  7. Indpendent

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I feel like splitting the small pvp playerbase is not the answer. Also, announcing the wipe more than 1 week in advance of a hard timeline for the PTR was not the answer, especially since we all know how punctual ya'll are with making deadlines. The cumulative effect is now everyone will have stopped playing for a month by the time 1.5 comes out where other things may have pulled their attention and it will be harder to get them back. I understand the point is to make a great and balanced game, but I really don't feel good about the split pvp playerbase (Empires and Colonies). Also, as part of a large company that will almost certainly reside on Empires, we were all looking forward to the old claim system going away, so that doesn't feel good either right now.
  8. Indpendent

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    @Jatheish Here is a real thoughtful solution to reward players for all their progress prior to wipe. Give everyone a through-death xp boost that is timed based on max level achieved during "Season 1". Example: Account1/Player1 achieves level 50 and has 3 days of boosted XP (maybe 2x, maybe 4x) while Account2/Player2 achieves level 100 and has 6 days of boosted XP. That XP counter will start as a one time use from the time they create a new character and last in real time duration (not ingame time). This will also encourage players to jump back into the game to gain more levels before wipe. For the cases with multiple characters on the different servers, it would derive from the highest level character on that account. This XP boost could also be derived from other factors such as hours played or ingame milestones like Powerstones/Kraken kills/Rejuvenation buffs. This also rewards players who played a lot during Season 1 and who are not able to play at the start of the wipe with some catch-up XP boost as it would not be activated until a new character is created on any server. Players will still have to acquire powerstones and complete the Kraken quest to advance their new character beyond base cap but the boost says "Thank you for helping us develop ATLAS!"