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  1. I also think this should be fixed but we resolve this by having all NPC's on ignore group whistle. Oh! Yeah, that means you can't on-the-fly reassign them with the comma whistle unless you first set them to obey whistles. I gave up on the feature a long time ago and just radial menu them. I'd rather them be on ignore group whistle.
  2. I think you can start the forge with wood and it will keep burning. Still seems to be a bug if you queue up ingots and the forge consumes your queue lol.
  3. This is also true for wild creatures. We lost a 100% imprinted elephant that was inside the base to a lvl 2 wild lion outside the base and also lost another player :[
  4. You gotta use those Mythic scissors!
  5. Same with M8 NW island. I was gonna test some other 8's to confirm but never got around to it. Seems to be just the orientation of the new islands.
  6. @DEVs, players are putting in way too much time to just brush-off a deleted character like this. Players are already leaving for other reasons - this just causes others who may not have been thinking of leaving to put it down and never come back. I HIGHLY recommend you change your policy on this if you have a bug that deletes characters!
  7. This also applies to regular walls and comes from ARK where you cannot walk on the tops of walls for reasons. The code appears to be written to suspend the player off the wall which is not a noticeable problem on land, but on the ships it is a regular problem and has caused rage and even some players to quit. It can be prevented by building railings on top of walls, trying to get the wall's top under a ceiling as much as possible, and not building under-the-top-deck access doors (a common build to have a flat top deck).
  8. They could rename the feature so it is more intuitive like "Stop looking at me!" *insert Billy Madison reference*
  9. I also noticed this problem. Have to just kill it to get back your stuff :[
  10. Being in the pirate tree, it doesn't make sense why it does not increase gold or something. So either it should, or the tool tip should clarify that it doesn't since a lot of people don't understand that it currently does not get you more gold.
  11. There are many issues with the new Tortugas with passengers. Passengers cannot choose a side - if they walk to the left side (opposite of driver) with no other players in the tortuga except the driver, it puts you on the right side behind the driver. This leads to other issues... Passengers, after firing a weapon (and perhaps other actions) with the shell open, then closing the shell, the Tortuga keeps turning right when moving forward. This is corrected by the driver getting off and back on (not ideal in the middle of battle). I think this is related to having a passenger directly behind the driver. Other times, the passengers will get "kicked off" the Tortuga and get stuck between being on and off the Tortuga at the same time. From a driver perspective, the passenger is not on anymore, but they can open and close the shell. From the passenger perspective, they glitch between where they were kicked off and where the turtle is, and the only way out is death.
  12. i believe shoveler is about quantity, not quality
  13. i still get fps drop edit: for instance, with 88fps on the open ocean and the sextant buff, i show extended hud with the minimap and i drop to 37fps
  14. ooo ill have to test it later, too
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