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  1. _Apple_

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Not the Rhinos are suffocating in the ground... get your game together!
  2. _Apple_

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    This is getting annoying. Not only through foundations, through ceilings, and cliff platforms. And now I'm suppose to rip this up to get them out and replace it with metal and organic paste?! And my Rhinos died in the bug. Hours of game play wasted finding and taming these animals.
  3. _Apple_

    Land Swap NAPVE

    DreadCo has land for swap. We have 2 flags in the bay of the Reef in C12 ( SW Temperate ) that are separate from our main area. Looking to trade that piece of land for land in the SW Tropics, SW Low Desert, or SW High Desert. Looking for trade to allow us bed access to farm materials to just sail up and grab for blueprint purposes. Thanks - Apple
  4. _Apple_

    Chinese players

    If you roll up your back ladder and park where they are unable to "fall" into your boat it reduces the chances of being sunk. You can call your ladder down with a "T" whistle and up with a "Y" whistle. Just a tip to help. They can't grapple up. There are other ways they can still get up and sink, but I don't list them on here to give any turds ideas. I am sorry this happened to you. In order to properly report, you are going to need names. Screenshots. The more proof you have, the better. I do not approve of this and wish a fix for it comes out soon.
  5. _Apple_

    Ship stuck between 2 Servers EU PVE C11 D11

    I am now stuck as well.