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  1. So Jat hides the cats while wearing the hat and the cat whiskers and we have what exactly. You guessed it its another Atlas instalment of Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss we just don't know it yet.
  2. My company went down on escourt duty for the recovery of this ship. I have to say their was a higher than normal concentration of sotd and they were hanging around the barriers. I can see how the ship went down and was not preventable as their were to many to dodge or go around all tactics we use. Instead we used our Armed ship to plough our way through the packs something an unarmed Hauler could not do. There was so many of them that even having spares you would have gone through them pretty fast on border crossings such as was happening that day. I do have to say I havnt seen that many near borders as a rule. I have very good hardware on my computer but I have noticed going through the barriers is taking longer and in fact on our armed ships some of my company open their doors before going through to give themselves a chance. I agree it would be nice to have a window of opportunity to get through the border without being ganked into oblivion. I know Davey Jones would be happy but I would rather live to tell the tale when I got back to my base.
  3. We just lost a Brig and schooner. Both I have been on and lifted the anchors in the last week.
  4. Part of problem is that the developers/staff are in some discords other than official. These players have a chance to talk to the team and feed back to the team so they feel heard. Many here have to wait on the information from the team via the official network be it forum and discord and there has been no word from the team. It has been awfully quiet and yes we know whens its quiet there is a possibility of something good to be released. Perhaps they could do something like 7dtd and have a Devs Dairy in the forums. This could let everyone know what they are working on and what issues they are working with. They have two community staff that also could drop information into it and it dosnt have to be weekly. That way more information is out on the community and it have a better flow of information between all parties. A Devs dairy also might shed some light to on why they made a decision or removed a feature they said they were going to add at the time. Not everyone here understands coding or putting a game together. I know through the 7dtd Dev dairy I was better understand what was happening with the game and was totally fascinated at how they worked out AI pathing and all that went into just to get a zombie to attack a building on horde night. This also helped to stop some of the anger and frustration in the community and brought in more players. They dont have alot of time to get information out in a stream and you can see they have and want to share more of what they are able to in the time allowed.
  5. lol I had 26 days then the 1 year and its been cycling through. I want to get in game to tame a bear. Someone spawn 20 level 40 - 6- dam soldiers and I lost my bear as there was no warning and they spawned on us.
  6. My update told me it had 26 days to download. I am finally down to 7 minutes. It will probably loop again.
  7. I have to say the other day I was so dam mad at Chinese companies but then I remember the lovely Chinese gentleman who on our other island made the effort to communicate with me. It stops me from branding all Chinese companies the same. For me I was peaceable untill 3 or 4 different Chinese companies came in and sunk our ships on 3 different occasions for no reason. Attack us and tried to land grab. They just want war and this is on a Pve server. Many around me are over it and it dosn't paint the Chinese community in a good light and makes the bad over weigh the good that some in the Chinese community are doing. I just want to play the game, chill and relax and I dont care what nationality or language you speak but I dont want Chinese companies come in be so toxic that it causes so many to leave and lose the incredible long hours of work some put into their ships, bases and tames.
  8. Which island in F8 please as we are at one and strugging to find it. Managed to make it further inland but boy everything is trying to kill me fast.
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