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  1. Prizax

    Hud missing since patch

    Already relog from game and Steam, also pressed Backpace and no, still not working my HUD/UI...
  2. Prizax

    Where are the Maple Trees/Saps?

    yeah but how can i identify the those maple trees? are they like in this img? and how often do the saps drop?
  3. How can I get these saps? that are for Organic Paste...
  4. How do you place doors on base? It says something about a "snap"...
  5. So whats the password of this server so that I can also join :P? PD: Those zone names are funny.
  6. Prizax

    How i can get saps?

    kill fish and loot it
  7. oh you know what i think i just got for real stuck, so I just died at i8 and was able to place as a new home i3 since it just pop out as a new server option, but now server crashed and I'm no longer able to login i get this error...
  8. yeah np, im already online with the last update 5.3 i play on NA PVP and omw to i8
  9. So seriously is this intended or a bug? Since all servers are full atm you cannot change your home server, what are we supposed to do now?
  10. Prizax

    How the heck do you build a raft

    80 wood 75 fibers 20 hide and go to ur near port vendor
  11. Prizax

    V5.0 Still Host Connection Timeout

    Oh well I guess I’m lucky since I got disconnected while being on my raft in the middle of the ocean and I didn’t lost anything and I was also alive just floating in the water very near to my raft…
  12. Prizax

    V5.0 Still Host Connection Timeout

    so you cant recover ur inventory i guess? but if i got a bed inside the raft i can respawn on it?
  13. Prizax

    V5.0 Still Host Connection Timeout

    What happens when you get disconnected while on a raft navigating at full speed, does your raft keeps going? Does your body stay inside the raft? Or do you fell to the ocean?
  14. Prizax

    Raft LVL UP

    I got the message of level up availbale for the raft, but I cant find any option to apply it, where is it?
  15. Prizax

    atlas discount

    yeah now we just need to wait some hours till servers really work...