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  1. IronFist

    Unable to play upon login

    After logging in for the first time today i experienced the inability to use anything, the inventory would automatically close, the text to interact with anything was missing and was unable to use doors and other interact-ables. After re-logging, the game will sit in a PrimalGamneData_BP load loop or a snapshot_16 loop. This is affecting multiple members in my company. Thanks.
  2. IronFist

    Just Hang on

    Party hats for all.
  3. IronFist

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  4. IronFist

    Dwarf or Tall Boy

  5. IronFist

    Dwarf or Tall Boy

    One of my long time gaming buddies always makes the most grotesque looking characters, sometimes causing a detrimental effect on gameplay lol.
  6. IronFist

    Download size of ATLAS

    Mine finished downloading the 32GB and didn't have to do anything else, just let me fire it up. Total size all said and done (unpacked) is 94.2 GB.
  7. IronFist

    Server name

    Haha OP made me laugh pretty hard with this. Watch us all eat our words when the whale becomes the most feared sea creature in Atlas.
  8. IronFist

    ATLAS on Twitch WOAH

    Twitch absolutely exploded when the initial release was supposed to happen. I'm sure a few big streamers will fall off and go back to Fortnite or whatever else is hot but I believe Atlas has something to offer everyone.
  9. IronFist

    The Map

    Its early access. A lot will change.
  10. IronFist

    To FIx the pending purchase problem

    Worked for me thanks!