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  1. Lol... that explains everything! Barely 3 brain cells to rub together! We need little baboons like you to clean our toilets! Just a little hint... if youre going to pretend to be smart, try at least being smart enough to use grade-school grammar!
  2. You didnt add anything useful of important that hasnt already been stated.
  3. Actually, I haven't tried 4. It's likely there, and they are all the same. Just wasn't used on the official server, which is where 99% of the known data came from. Looking forward to their wiping that insane mess so we can get deeper into quality map-making!
  4. There is no 4 CPU R710. The R700 series is dual CPU only. It Might be an R810, but those are only 8 core CPUs and cost a fortune. I dont know anything about the HPs The best source for R710s is Newegg.
  5. We are running on Dell R710s with dual x5690 and 144GB RAM. Each one runs 24 grids with ease. And cost about $750 each
  6. If you spend 30 seconds searching with intelligent criteria you would find hundreds, if not thousands of places where minimum server specks have been mentioned. But to make it easier for you 2 cores above 3Ghz and 4-6 GB RAM per grid and NOT running in a VM. A little Ryzen 7 can barely manage 8 grids IF it has 28GB of RAM to back it up. If you want real a real performer look at the old dual x5690 boards and 128+GB RAM. Easily 24 grids and half the price!
  7. Note to self... don't make a fool of yourself crying about an "early access scam" by acting like you know better while proving you don't! You bought the game, and in that excepted the conditions of it. Don't like it, run along and pretend to do better yourself! What makes it even more hilarious... I don't have a problem spawning at any of my beds. The only thing I see is animals rendering before structures do, leading to my having to pull the occasional bear out of a floor for players.
  8. Has anyone managed to find a working spawn code for NPC crew? Needing a real BP path type spawn code for the VoteRewards plugin. Ive been looking for days and found nothing so far. TIA
  9. Clicking CHANGE HOMPORT on respawn screen leads to the server list opening. I don't want to try it, but it appears that its allowing me to travel or another unofficial server completely
  10. It takes seconds to edit you hosts file!
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