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  1. 17.07.19: - The south-eastern island in C1 will be removed and replaced to fix an issue where resources couldn’t be harvested - Levels of SOTDs in Polar regions will be increased slightly - Structures in dungeons/artifact chambers will be destroyed Only levels of SOTDs will be increased, their numbers will stay the same. Let us know what changes you notice about their levels as we will fine-tune the setting until we’re happy with it. Please note that we have rewritten the current rule about blocking dungeons so that building is not allowed there anymore. https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/event/map-changes-polar-and-dungeons/?instance_id=93
  2. 13.07.19: - [SHOP] Added Medium Cannon Balls - [SHOP] Replaced 500/1000 Gold coins by 100 Gold coins (you can change the amount to get more than 100 at once) - [SHOP] Replaced 500/1000 Mythos by 100 Mythos (you can change the amount to get more than 100 at once)
  3. 10.07.19: - Set Structures auto-destruction to 4x (40 days)
  4. Kraken down! Thanks everyone for taking part in the event, it was much fun! Now it's time to prepare for the Hard mode For those who have been unlucky, we will run other Kraken fights, so feel free to join once again so you can defeat it We are now between rank #2 and #3 overall, so don't hesitate to join our servers You will find an active community and regular events! More info on our website. 29.06.19: - [VOTE REWARDS] Increased the chance to get blueprints - [SHOP] Reduced price of shoulder/carried creatures
  5. 24.06.19: - [SHOP] Added 9 creatures
  6. For this Saturday 15.06, we will meet at the PVE island in D3, at coordinates 35.63 Lon / -0.46 Lat. If you plan to join us, please read this carefully so you come properly prepared: https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/event/power-stones-run/
  7. 11.06.2019: - Changed some areas of the map - Added discovery zones to every island outside of a home server - [SHOP] Added Raft - [SHOP] Added Sloop - [SHOP] Added Schooner - [SHOP] Added Brigantine - [SHOP] Added Galleon - [SHOP] Added Crew level 35 and 45 - [SHOP] Added Oil pack - [SHOP] Reduced price of crew - [SHOP] Removed level restriction on starter kits - [SHOP] Ostrich, Cow/Bull, Pig and Horse now cost 200 points - [SHOP] Tiger, Lion and Wolf now cost 250 points
  8. This weekend we are organising another Power Stones run! Feel free to take part, you don't need to bring lots of things. Have a look here: https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/event/power-stones-run/?instance_id=51 On Sunday we will also run the Maelstrom, you can read more about rules, prizes, and how it all works here https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/maelstrom/. Check out our trailer below
  9. Join us this Saturday 08.06 for a Power Stones run! You can join the servers now and get prepared for Saturday, you don't have to bring much Have a look at how to get properly prepared: https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/event/power-stones-run/?instance_id=51
  10. https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/announcements/mega-update-into-the-ice/
  11. We've just added screenshots from this evening's Maelstrom Come have a look! Gallery @ https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/gallery/ More info on the event @ https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/maelstrom/
  12. 22.05.2019: - Moved the Events Island to the north-western corner of C3 (more info here) - Changed Peace phase to 24 hours to encourage online PVP (read our statement here) - [SHOP] Gold coins: ■ 250 Gold coins has been removed and replaced by 500 and 1000 Gold coins ■ 500 Gold coins cost reduced to 50 points (from 200 points) ■ 1000 Gold coins cost reduced to 100 points (from 400 points) - [SHOP] Mythos: ■ 250 Mythos has been removed and replaced by 500 and 1000 Mythos
  13. 19.05.2019: – Set company name cooldown to 7 days – Set creatures and ships max experience back to default (would cause major issues with better quality shipyards) 20.05.2019: – Set structure decay to 4x (Wood = 40 days). It should only affect structures not within an owned settlement – Set creature decay to 5x (40 days)
  14. Tonight's our Maelstrom event! Check out the trailer above and read our page to know more about the event https://atlas.astral-imperium.com/maelstrom/
  15. You can still join us in time for our Maelstrom event! Check out our trailer to see our players in action