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  1. stop playing early access games if you dont like it easy! ...and stop complaining ..you should thank the dev`s for actually trying to fix stuffs ! instead of bothering with your complains that you lost some shit ...
  2. cannot go throw doors after 15.1v patch! with doors being actually opened ...
  3. you can see the clip here -> https://clips.twitch.tv/LongBadTurtleArsonNoSexy
  4. i think thats gonna be implemented with the new patch that they release just wait for it and see after the patch
  5. none should be able to invite you in a new company if you are already in one >.< ...those chinese abuse bugs or use hacks on every game they play, not the first game ive seen them CSTGs abusing bugs
  6. there are many other streamers that abuse the bug, nothing happens to them apparently
  7. yep, this is happening to a lot of people, or bases being raided when everyone in company is offline ..there is no point in making a base as is now
  8. seems that its been fixed, i can get on my old character now, but you should look into the tiles crossing, make them more stable
  9. Hello, i have tried to cross a server tile with other company members and the game crashed for all of us. Now when we try to get back on, we are forced to make new characters or we lose connection and we also lost our ship + everything on it. Anything you can do about that ? guessing it is a bug ? Thanks!
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