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  1. While I did like Ark and how it worked, the menu, crafting, etc. is just set up in a weird and complicated way to where even when you start to get it down, leaving and coming back to it can take a while to relearn, at least for me on xbox. Is there a way maybe a more simple and easier to use system could be put in place while playing or at least a different remapping or the controls in the example of A to crazy versus RT please? Feel an easier menu is what a LOT of players would want, I know it is the main reason I couldn't get many people to play on Xbox and feel if it was changed that it would draw in a LOT more people and create a more expansive and diverse community. Also, plated the trial and like the game and am REALLY wanting my friends to like it as well so we can all build and play. At the very least, could there be a option to change the menu from classic ark to a beta version and see if people like it better?
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