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  1. Mazzikre

    Unreal Engine Error - NAPVP

    Update - It has now been a week, still having the same issue's. Wish I could play the game I payed for..
  2. Mazzikre

    unplayable ***** Video of the Crash *****

    I have the same exact issue, I have been unable to play the game for the last 4 days because of this. The game was working fine, I died 4 days ago on a raft and have not been able to play since this. It's really awesome watching all my friends enjoy this game.. while I can't do anything. Really frustrating tbh... I think it has something to do with your character on that server, I am able to join other servers just not the one I was playing on when it happened. Which would be fine... except my company and friends are on the server that cannot get into. Awesome.
  3. Mazzikre

    Unreal Engine Error - NAPVP

    Update - It has been 3 days now with no fix, still unable to play the game due to this.
  4. Mazzikre

    Unreal Engine Error - NAPVP

    I was able to make it into the game- in the middle of the ocean and cant move... I let me select a spawn, loaded a white screen.. then was back into the ocean, no HUD, still cant move. Then got disconnected, then when I try to go back in after that, I continue to get the error posted above.
  5. Mazzikre

    Unreal Engine Error - NAPVP

    This Unreal Engine error only occurs when I attempt to join the NA PVP server, I can join any of the other Official servers and the Unofficial servers without any issue's. NA PVP is the other one where this crash happens.