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  1. Probs because they update and rearrange your shit even on offline dedicateds. Its dumb abandon this game. Beta ass bullshit. Fuck these people.
  2. Have a teamate move the sloop a little then it works…
  3. I host a non-dedicated server on xbox. Limit players to 2. Invite my friend… we are playing… having a great time… and then a random player joins, uninvited, and starts destroying all of my stuff. In my company. Scuttling ships. Demolishing structures. Until I kick them from company and kill them 20 times before they quit. This is game breaking. Absolutely game breaking. I’m not playing your game or espousing your game to anyone at all until this is fixed. In fact I am going to discourage people from buying your game. This has happened 5 times to me. I regret purchasing your “preorder” its honestly bullshit. Fix your game.
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