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  1. So, hear me out. This idea will revolutionize this game and breath new life into it(and likely a big fat healthy playerbase). I'm no game dev but seeing as a large percentage of other games have implemented something similar, it really shouldn't be to hard to do for our wonderful dev team. I know, I can hear some you whiny players now "we don't want to be like other games, wah! Atlas is fine the way it is, wah! You should just go play fortnight, wah!" Well suck it up crybabies! If you want a successful game and a heathy playerbase, Atlas is going to need this fresh new concept. "Fresh" and "new" to Atlas ofcourse. Many if not all of the most succesfull games on all platforms impliment this radical idea in some way and 100% owe their place on the gaming podium to it. I know it may just be my opinion, but there is data to support that this will vasty improve all aspects of the game experience for both PvE and PvP. That's the best part! It's for everyone! I'm actually quite surprised the dev team haven't even thought of it yet, thier going to feel so dumb when they realize how this simple idea could have made this game so successful if they had just thought of it and implemented it earlier on. Ready to have your mind blown and change the world of Atlas forever!!??...Fix it. Like, make the fucking game work. Stop focusing effort into shinny bits and bobbles. Fix what is there before adding more broken shit to ignore. I know, I know. The devs have their excuses, "Early access!" "no game is bug free." "I like the heat up poptarts in my underwear.". But the truth of the matter is crashes, piss poor mechanics, lazy workarounds, and gross oversite eventually kill the game for players. Adding more broken content to a game that is dying off mostly because much of it is broken is like buying a lifetime pass to Disney World for a kid with terminal cancer. 

    TL:DR blah blah, the devs are fuckwits and poptarts are better at body temp.

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