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  1. I also submitted it as a bug and so far no response. Do they ever respond? And if so how long does it typically take? Im too new to make any accusations about this… yet; just asking the question
  2. I’m new to this game but feel I got swindled out of my money. EVERY time I sail from one grid to another the game kicks me. This latest time ships of the freaking damned were sinking my ship as I logged back on, within one minute. I cannot begin to make progress or care one iota about this game if I have to worry about that EVERY time. I’ve been ARK’d before, but if I can’t sail, what’s the point? Ugh, what a waste.
  3. The game kicks me almost every time I go to a new section. Example B4 to C4 etc. getting really annoying
  4. This is still an issue. I recently started and have nowhere to go. With only one official dedicated server for PVE/PVP, and the map being honestly pretty small, options are just too limited.
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